New Hay Group Mobile App Takes Graduates on a Journey of Self-Discovery

-- Journey Leverages Gamification to Help Graduates Develop Emotional & Social Skills "On the Job" --

PHILADELPHIA--()--A revolutionary new mobile app that helps young workers to develop their "soft skills" – the attitudes and behaviors that can determine success or failure in the workplace – is launched today by global management consultancy Hay Group.

Representing a breakthrough in the gamification of professional development, the Journey app combines leading-edge technology with Hay Group’s six decades of insight into how to release an individual’s full potential.

Journey, which is the latest addition to Hay Group’s Activate series of business apps, empowers new graduate employees to develop their emotional and social skills "on the job," helping them become more effective in the workplace.

Philip Spriet, global managing director, productized services at Hay Group, explains:

“We developed our Activate suite of business apps to help organizations implement their people policies.

“Research shows that emotional and social skills are critical to high performance in the workplace, but we often hear business leaders complain that today’s graduates are not leaving university equipped with these essential skills. Journey was developed in response to this challenge and is aimed squarely at business leaders who believe that an emotionally and socially intelligent workforce will reap success for their organization.

“Mobile technology has already changed the way we lead our lives, but we’ve really only scratched the surface of what it can do for personal development in the workplace. Activate represents a leap forward in how employee development is activated, monitored and resourced.”

The app provides a gamified framework that takes workers on a literal journey of self-discovery. The user starts the program stranded on a desert island and must tackle a series of practical exercises and assignments designed to build five core competencies, including self-awareness, self-control, empathy, teamwork and influencing skills. The entire experience takes place over four to six months as users work their way back to civilization. Managers can monitor the progress of their employees and provide supplementary advice and support.

Philip Spriet comments: “Millions of technically competent individuals fail to reach their full career potential because they lack ‘soft skills.' The good news is that these skills can be learned, but doing so requires individual reflection of how our behavior and attitude is perceived by others – a cornerstone of emotional intelligence. Our ‘always-on’ culture sadly leaves less and less time for this to happen in the workplace.

“The beauty of Journey is that it engages young users in the digital space, but encourages them to put into practice in the real world what they are learning, as they are learning it. It prompts continuous reflection along with the practice, making for a far more compelling and effective learning experience.”

Journey is currently available in the US, China and India, and is expected to launch worldwide over the coming year.

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Hay Group, the global management consultancy, launches a revolutionary new mobile app that helps young workers to develop their "soft skills."


Hay Group
Jennie Wright, +44 (0) 20 7856 7172
Global Head of Marketing, Productized Services