AgilOne Enhances Predictive Marketing Cloud to Empower Brands to Act Quickly and Intelligently on Customer Data

Prescriptive Revenue Finder, Turnkey Actions, Likelihood to Buy Predictions and Upgraded Data Quality Engine Boost Companies’ Ability to Target and Engage Buyers With Personalized Campaigns

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif.--()--AgilOne, the predictive marketing cloud company, today announced a major expansion of its predictive marketing cloud to help retailers use big customer data to better target buyers and increase sales. New features include AgilOne’s Revenue Finder, which uses predictive analytics to uncover underserved customer segments, and Turnkey Actions, which automatically generate relevant campaigns to quickly turn these insights into new revenue streams.

The company also introduced its groundbreaking likelihood to buy predictions for prospective buyers to go along with its likelihood to buy predictions for existing customers. Marketers can use this intelligence to decide how much of an incentive to give prospects who may have visited the site or abandoned a shopping cart in order to increase sales while minimizing discount expenses. Lastly, AgilOne enhanced its Data Quality Engine, which takes care of all the ‘data wrangling’ necessary to accurately classify customers within highly specific segments.

“Our predictive marketing cloud was built to help brands easily take advantage of the vast, often messy piles of customer data stored in silos across the organization to create personalized interactions with buyers,” said AgilOne CEO Dr. Omer Artun. “The upgrades and new features we released make it even easier for companies of any size to adopt advanced marketing techniques, such as hypertargeting, to identify new customer segments and quickly boost revenue – all without the need to install or replace core infrastructure.”

Revenue Finder and Turnkey Actions Make Intelligent Marketing Easy

Customers still crave the type of personal attention that used to be found at establishments like the neighborhood butcher shop, but with the speed and scale of business today, building these relationships on an individual level has become increasingly difficult. AgilOne’s new Revenue Finder and Turnkey Actions enable marketers to break down large sets of customer data into comprehensive groups of people who display similar behaviors and prescribe how to deliver the best experience to each group and thereby increase their value.

For example, the Revenue Finder automatically groups customers into precise segments, such as those that show a high risk of leaving or one-time buyers that need additional encouragement to purchase again. With matching Turnkey Actions, marketers can automatically launch campaigns from within AgilOne’s predictive marketing cloud to target these customers with relevant offers or calls-to-action. For high-risk customers, marketers can immediately send a promotional offer to bring them back into the fold, or for one-time buyers, they can send a message highlighting products similar to their original purchases.

This hypertargeting approach powered by AgilOne has been shown to increase click-through and purchase rates significantly. For example, Traeger Grills used AgilOne’s hypertargeted customer campaigns to boost its email click-through rates from one percent to four percent. This also reduced unsubscribe rates because campaign messages were more likely to go to a relevant and interested customer. In the case of Traeger Grills, the unsubscribe rate dropped by 40 percent in just six weeks. By uncovering insights from customer data and suggesting appropriate actions for marketers, AgilOne’s marketing cloud turns predictive analytics into prescriptive analytics, making it easy for companies to build personal relationships with their customers.

Upgraded Predictive Analytics and Data Quality Engine Deliver Smarter Insights

AgilOne has also enhanced its predictive analytics capabilities by adding likelihood to buy predictions for prospects who have yet to make their first purchase from the company. The self-learning predictive engine uses consumer engagement information to determine the chances that prospective buyers will become customers. AgilOne already delivers likelihood to buy predictions for past buyers, but this new model now enables companies to target the most likely prospects with more aggressive offers in order to close the deal.

To deliver maximum ease of use as well as accuracy in its predictive analytics, AgilOne has also upgraded its unmatched Data Quality Engine, which is integral to ensure companies build their intelligence from a solid foundation. AgilOne’s Data Quality Engine is unique because it provides daily data integration, cleansing and deduplication of online and offline customer data. Even when customers use different email accounts or physical addresses, AgilOne’s fuzzy matching algorithms can still link all actions to the right customer profile. Daily data cleansing and deduplication is a must for predictive customer analytics: without this, duplicate profiles and erroneous data can lead to highly inaccurate measures of your true audience.

About AgilOne

AgilOne is the predictive marketing cloud company that helps marketers connect with the individual in every customer. Harnessing the power of machine learning to integrate, cleanse and analyze big customer data, AgilOne helps prescribes exactly the right marketing offer, makes each relationship more profitable, and simplifies the science of marketing. Leading consumer brands, including The Body Shop, BetaBrand, Shazam, Sports Authority, Moosejaw and, use AgilOne to discover immediate actions to boost revenue and customer engagement. Based in Mountain View, CA, AgilOne is venture-funded by Sequoia Capital, the Mayfield Fund, and Tenaya Capital. For more information, please visit


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