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Report Notes NoSQL Key Value has the Highest Adoption in the NoSQL Category Aerospike

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Report Notes NoSQL Key Value has the Highest Adoption in the NoSQL Category

Aerospike Inc., the world’s first flash-optimized database and the fastest, most reliable in-memory NoSQL database, today announced it was cited as a leader in The Forrester Wave™: NoSQL Key-Value Databases, Q3 2014. Aerospike was among the select companies that Forrester Research, Inc. invited to participate in the independent report, which notes, “the leaders we identified offer high-performance, scalable, flexible, secure and robust NoSQL key-value database solutions that are enterprise ready today.”

NoSQL Key-Value Continues to Gain Strong Momentum

Forrester reports that NoSQL continues to gain strong momentum as organizations look to support more complex data structures, scale applications for unpredictable workloads and achieve sub-second response time for larger volumes of data. Forrester estimates the current adoption of NoSQL is at 20 percent and is likely to double by 2017. As the adoption of NoSQL grows, so does the adoption of NoSQL key-value which has the highest adoption rate within the NoSQL category due to its horizontal scale-out architecture, ease-of-use and simplified access across programming languages.

“Time is money and being recognized as a leader in the Forrester Wave™ underscores, in our opinion, why new, disruptive startups as well as established enterprises rely on Aerospike to compete in today’s landscape and deliver real-time, data-driven applications,” said Monica Pal, CMO of Aerospike. “Our disruptive technology enables developers to harness the power of big data, bring applications to market and scale with the best price to performance ratio.”

Aerospike Unleashes the Economics of Flash

In today’s always-on world, enterprises are turning to Aerospike to handle a massive increase in load, while eliminating the need for a linear increase in hardware and people. Aerospike unleashes the economics of flash, so businesses can scale to process millions of transactions per second on a handful of servers. Small cluster sizes combined with a self-healing architecture that requires minimal operator intervention maximize reliability of revenue critical applications and simplify operations.

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About Aerospike

Aerospike is the world’s first flash-optimized database and the fastest, most reliable in-memory NoSQL database that operates with unprecedented speed at scale on just a handful of servers. An open source key-value store, Aerospike empowers developers to build a new class of applications that combine transactions and hot analytics, and process billions of objects, 2M+ transactions per second (TPS) and 100TB+ of data with predictable sub-millisecond latency and ACID reliability. Aerospike requires minimal operator intervention and has been in production non-stop for four years as the user context store for real-time bidding and cross-channel marketing at customers like AppNexus, eXelate, Chango and Inmobi. Aerospike is headquartered in Silicon Valley. Investors include NEA, Alsop Louie and Draper Associates. Download the Aerospike Community Edition at and follow @aerospikedb.

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