Aerospike Expands Access to Next-Generation NoSQL Database With Startup Special and Trade-In Program

New Offers Bring Unmatched Speed and Simplicity to Companies of All Sizes

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NEW YORK--()--Aerospike Inc., the world’s first flash-optimized database and the fastest, most reliable in-memory NoSQL database, today announced a new startup special and trade-in program – enabling more organizations to realize the speed and power of its next-generation, open source NoSQL technology.

“We want to ensure that all developers, at every company have access to Aerospike’s next-generation, NoSQL database so they have the ability to create powerful technologies that scale,” said Brian Bulkowski, co-founder and CTO, Aerospike. “As the demand for enterprise-grade database technology grows, we are removing the barriers to access, and our new startup special and trade-in program further this vision.”

The need to engage consumers with cross-channel, real-time, context-driven applications is putting pressure on both enterprises bootstrapped with outdated infrastructure and emerging startups looking to deploy database technology that can grow with them. Aerospike’s newly announced programs bring the fastest NoSQL database to participating organizations by providing access to Aerospike Enterprise Edition and a free one-day developer training.

In today’s always-on world, enterprises need to handle a massive increase in load while eliminating the need for a linear increase in hardware and people. Aerospike unleashes the economics of flash, so businesses can scale to process millions of transactions per second and terabytes of data at a speed 10 times faster than traditional NoSQL databases.

Startup Special

Startups, like Zettata and SmaRTB, recognize that building a business from the ground up requires investing in the right enterprise-grade technology that can scale while helping them compete against established companies. And to do so, they need Aerospike. To continue to power today’s innovative startups, Aerospike’s new startup special offer gives free access to the enterprise Edition of Aerospike with no limits on nodes, TPS and volume of data managed. To qualify, startups must have revenue of under $2 million and funding of under $20 million.

Startups Sing Aerospike Praises

“The success of our ecommerce search engine relies on connecting people with the right information based on their current context, as quickly and efficiently as possible,” said Srinivasan Seshadri, Founder, Zettata. “We turned to Aerospike because it scales to meet our accelerated growth. Since deploying Aerospike, we can quickly and easily collect real-time signals on user activity and have access to the entire knowledge graph.”

“At Excalibur we are simplifying security, enabling people to use their mobile phones as a security token for hands-free authentication to desktop, web and mobile applications,” said Ivan Klimek, CEO, Excalibur. “Aerospike redefines what an affordable, high-performance, enterprise-grade database is and the system manages itself so we can focus on getting our platform up and running.”

"At eGloo, we set out to organize the world's information authorities and provide them with a platform to buy, sell and report on the aggregate network data, delivering true network-level intelligence. Delivering on our mission requires technology that can scale with the world’s information and perform at the highest speed possible,” said George Cooper, CEO, eGloo. “Aerospike gives us the confidence to build tomorrow's Internet-scale, knowledge-based systems with our engineers today."

“Our fast-growing, self-serve, real-time bidding (RTB) mobile ad network handles more than 70,000 impressions every second and 100 billion ads a month. Aerospike is a critical piece of our tech stack enabling us to bring advertisers the world’s best platform while producing the lowest costs and absolute highest value,” said Evan MacZura, CEO, SmaRTB. “We chose Aerospike over existing solutions because of its blazing speed, phenomenal reliability and fantastic customer support.”

“Our school management platform, Plesco, brings rich, personalized experiences to every student, parent, teacher and administrator. As our developers work to make our native and web apps faster, simpler and more secure, we needed to invest in the right database technology from the beginning,” said Alex Tarasiuk, creative director, Vertical Media Studio. “We emphasize responsiveness and speed, which is why we chose Aerospike to help us make data storage and collection as efficient and effective as possible.”

Trade-In Program

Replacing outdated database infrastructure can be expensive, but with Aerospike’s trade-in program enterprises now have a cost-effective way to ensure they are equipped to compete in today’s landscape and deliver real-time, data-driven applications. With Aerospike’s trade-in program enterprises can leverage the economics of flash, simplify their stack and swap out legacy caching and first-generation NoSQL database technology for Aerospike Enterprise Edition. Aerospike will absorb existing annual contracts for up to one year at no additional cost.

As enterprises turn to Aerospike Enterprise Edition, Thumbtack Technology, a leading software development consulting firm, is offering special migration services to help customers quickly implement and deploy Aerospike’s database technology. For more details, visit

“We want our Aerospike customers to quickly benefit from this powerful technology,” said Mark Leibowitz VP & head of sales, Thumbtack Technology. “Thumbtack’s migration services address our customers’ needs wherever they are in the process, so that they migrate intelligently and effectively off of existing platforms and onto one of the leading next-generation NoSQL databases.”

Aerospike Enterprise Edition

Aerospike Enterprise Edition includes additional features for mission critical operations, such as the full-featured Aerospike Management Console and Cross Data Center Replication (XDR). With XDR organizations can ensure business continuity and disaster recovery, while enabling global-scale applications to operate out of data centers located close to consumers around the world. Developers can learn more at

About Aerospike

Aerospike is the world’s first flash-optimized database and the fastest, most reliable in-memory NoSQL database that operates with unprecedented speed at scale on just a handful of servers. An open source key-value store, Aerospike empowers developers to build a new class of applications that combine transactions and hot analytics, and process billions of objects, 2M+ transactions per second (TPS) and 100TB+ of data with predictable sub-millisecond latency and ACID reliability. Aerospike requires minimal operator intervention and has been in production non-stop for four years as the user context store for real-time bidding and cross-channel marketing at customers like AppNexus, eXelate, Chango and Inmobi. Aerospike is headquartered in Silicon Valley. Investors include NEA, Alsop Louie and Draper Associates. Download the Aerospike Community Edition at and follow @aerospikedb.

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