Ex Steals from Mom and Child While Attempting to Defraud Operator; SubscriberWise: Child Exploitation, Identity Theft, SSN Fraud, and Pilfering of Cable by Deception

Mother expresses disbelief when she discovers that she and her 7-year-old daughter are victims of identity theft. The woman is shocked to learn the perpetrator is her ex-lover and baby girl’s father. She agrees that Congress must introduce legislation to better protect her child from SSN fraud.

MASSILLON, Ohio--()--SubscriberWise®, the leading provider of analytics driven subscriber decision management technology and the nation’s first and largest issuing consumer reporting agency for the communications industry, announced today that the company president has counseled a woman about an identity theft where she and her 7-year-old daughter are the crime victims.

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“The timing is remarkable,” stated David Howe, president of SubscriberWise. “Less than one day after a personal meeting with Darrell Kick, U.S. Congressman Bob Gibbs’ District Director, to discuss the introduction of a child safety bill that would protect a minor’s social security number, a mother learned that - not only did her ex-lover steal their child’s identity – her information was also hijacked hours later when the con man made a second attempt to defraud the operator by applying with her identity.”

The criminal plot followed a failed attempt to schedule a work order using the child’s and the mother’s identity. The scheme was a desperate attempt to avoid a $500 unpaid cable account. Ironically, the mother learned she was a victim of identity theft when a customer service representative from the call center contacted her to confirm an installation date.

“Obviously this woman is upset that she and her daughter have been victimized,” continued Howe. “Who wouldn’t be? According to the woman, the man has stolen from her before. Nevertheless we talked at length and I provided her some options, including a suggestion that she file a police report. We discussed SubscriberWise’s effort to pursue legislation to better protect children from identity theft: http://www.businesswire.com/news/home/20140911006497/en/SubscriberWise-Proposes-Child-Identity-Theft-Protection-Legislation.

"Several hours after we spoke, she called again with an indication that she had decided to file the police report.

"Despite the recommendation to file a police report, it’s an unfortunate reality today that police and prosecutors have little impact on identity theft because they simply don’t have the resources and the time,” added Howe. “It’s also a complex problem for police and prosecutors and they simply lack the training and sophistication to manage these cases. Police are often engaged and willing to try, but prosecutors just don’t want to bother. From many years' experience with hundreds of identity theft cases, it’s profoundly apparent to me that a criminal justice approach is an empty and failed approach. It’s time to implement an advanced technology solution that will solve this problem and Congress has to get involved,” Howe argued.

“I’m planning to continue engaging the nation and Congress with the SubscriberWise Child Identity Protection Act. On Thursday, September 11th, I immediately contacted Congresswoman Maxine Waters following her introduction of the Fair Credit Reporting Improvement Act of 2014. It’s obvious to me that expanding Maxine’s consumer protection initiative with SubscriberWise’s Child Protection Act makes perfect sense and the timing couldn’t be more appropriate.

"I respectfully requested the Congresswoman expand her new bill to require the social security administration implement an index identifying social security numbers of living children. The index would be instrumental in blocking a minor’s stolen SSN from being used to generate fraudulent consumer reports and credit accounts. Today, there’s a huge gap in the system that allows thousands of children and creditors to be victimized every year and with relative ease. Technology could safely and substantially minimize this pathetic and damaging problem.

"I spoke with Representative Maxine Water’s congressional aide, Sean Fleming Jr., and he provided me with his contact information. I wasted no time and delivered the proposal that Representative Waters, Gibbs, and the rest of Congress so desperately need and want.

"I invite voters across the nation to engage their elected representatives and demand action on this overdue child protection initiative,” concluded Howe. “I encourage advocacy from consumer protection organizations and businesses small and large. I want to hear from the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and the Attorney’s General of every state in this country regarding its support. FICO, TransUnion, Equifax, and Experian should each join the effort with technology suggestions and assistance for the Social Security Administration as it prepares for President Obama’s signature and the mandate to protect the nation’s children.”

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SubscriberWise® launched as the first U.S. issuing consumer reporting agency exclusively for the cable industry in 2006. In 2009, SubscriberWise and TransUnion announced a joint marketing agreement for the benefit of America’s independent cable operators. Today, SubscriberWise is a risk management preferred-solutions provider for the National Cable Television Cooperative. SubscriberWise technology has prevented thousands of child identity thefts and uncovered the misuse of personally identifiable information for operators everywhere.

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Mother and daughter confirmed victims of identity fraud.


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