BioCision Announces Immediate Availability of BioT Temperature Stability Systems

New portfolio standardizes short-term transport and handling of temperature-sensitive biomaterials

The BioCision BioT ULT Transporter keeps up to 8 standard cryostorage boxes < -50 degrees Celsius for over 24 hours. (Photo: Business Wire)

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SAN RAFAEL, Calif.--()--BioCision, LLC, the leading developer of advanced thermal technologies for biospecimen handling and standardization, today announced the availability of BioT™ Temperature Stability Systems, a new portfolio of mobile temperature management products that support transport and handling of temperature-sensitive biomaterials. The new portfolio features the breakthrough BioT™ ULT Transporter, a portable freezing and transport solution that has proven far superior to conventional methods of transporting valuable biological samples, drugs, vaccines and other biomaterials.

“The growth of biobanking, cell therapy, and complex biopharmaceutical therapies like cancer vaccines has created a strong need for products and processes to ensure the stability of temperature-sensitive biospecimens,” said Dr. Eric Kunkel, SVP, Research and Development. “Proper collection, handling, characterization, packaging and shipping of these materials is critical, as poor sample handling impacts both researchers working on discovery with patient samples and clinicians treating patients with cutting-edge therapies.”

The dry ice-based BioT™ ULT Transporter is a portable system that addresses common methods of cooling that are insufficient, such as placing valuable biospecimens on dry ice in a Styrofoam box. BioCision research shows that this configuration does not provide an ultra-low temperature environment, leaving most of the samples exposed to temperatures above -20°C.

“While particularly critical for biopharmaceuticals, the cold chain is also important and often neglected in a research setting. We often see labs using discarded Styrofoam boxes and dry ice as a means to keep valuable materials frozen, not realizing that this configuration leaves their samples vulnerable,” said Kunkel.

Utilizing the BioCision patent-pending DIR™ cooling technology, BioT ULT Transporter provides a stable < -70°C to -50°C environment for over 24 hours with minimal dry ice, ensuring all samples are safely contained within this temperature range.

Other BioT systems include:

  • BioT™ ULT Mobile Workstation, a larger, mobile version of the transporter that is designed for open access to large sample sets, while maintaining < -70°C to -50°C temperature stability for over 15 hours with the lid open. With its highly insulative exterior that provides operator safety and comfort, the ultra-low temperature workstation is ideal for loading or unloading freezer racks and cherry-picking, sorting or packaging temperature-sensitive biospecimens or drug products. The workstation may also be used as a reliable backup in the event of a freezer malfunction.
  • BioT™ Cryogenic Mobile Workstation, a customizable mobile solution that utilizes a patent-pending regulated liquid nitrogen filling system to maintain samples at cryogenic temperatures. The cryogenic workstation enables open-access processing of frozen samples while employing external insulative materials to keep the operator safe and comfortable during the processing. This workstation is ideal for transferring cryogenic samples to and from liquid nitrogen tanks, cherry-picking samples or transporting frozen samples in and out of automated biobank storage systems.
  • BioT™ Carrier, a portable cooling chamber designed to keep small batches of temperature-sensitive specimens cold during short transport. The battery-operated system maintains 2° to 8°C for up to eight hours and comes complete with a car power adaptor for transporting longer distances and a shoulder strap for operator comfort.

BioT™ Temperature Stability Systems will be displayed at the Cell Therapy BioProcessing Meeting September 15 and 16 (booth #13) and at the Cold Chain Global Forum on September 29 and 30 (booth #601).

About BioCision, LLC

BioCision is a life science research and development company that develops products and solutions for process standardization throughout the healthcare industry through the application of advanced thermal regulation principles and technologies. The intuitive design and interconnectivity of BioCision products enables researchers, clinicians and manufacturers to protect the integrity of temperature-sensitive therapeutics, biological samples, and biomaterials. By comprehensively addressing temperature stability, BioCision strives to improve the success of therapeutic discovery and development and enable effective care delivery.

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Release Summary

BioCision announces BioT™ temperature stability systems; breakthrough technology for cold, ultra-low temperature and cryogenic biospecimen, biomaterial, drug and vaccine handling and transport.


Media Contact:
BioCision, LLC
Maria Thompson, 415-785-8516 Ext. 126