Kronos Launches Workforce Forecasting Solution for Predictive Scheduling in Healthcare

CHELMSFORD, Mass.--()--Further empowering healthcare organizations to move to a value-based care delivery model that focuses on costs, quality, and outcomes, Kronos Incorporated today announced a forecasting application that predicts fluctuating demand by leveraging historical volume data by day, week, month, and shift. Healthcare organizations can use this application to deliver an accurate workload plan and build the foundation of a predictive scheduling process.

News Facts

  • A new application available within the Kronos Workforce Central® suite of workforce management applications for healthcare organizations, Workforce Forecast Manager™ uses sophisticated predictive algorithms to generate intelligent labor forecasts by pulling real-time data from admission, discharge, and transfer systems, and/or bed tracking systems.
  • The predicted census volume that is generated automatically feeds into the Kronos scheduling application to help ensure that resources are properly scheduled to meet fluctuating demand, reduce reliance on overtime, and minimize canceled shifts.
  • By leveraging this new application, managers will spend less time making schedule adjustments and increase their productivity – while improving employee satisfaction.
  • Traditionally, hospitals have scheduled to static, budgeted census, often resulting in inadequate schedules that require numerous daily staffing changes.
  • At a time when healthcare organizations are focused on delivering quality outcomes while reducing costs, Workforce Forecast Manager aides in controlling costs through alignment of labor resources with predictable fluctuations in workload demand. This new application improves workforce productivity by accurately anticipating demand and supporting the proactive labor resource scheduling to meet that demand.
  • As labor resources are scheduled with increased accuracy, the solution enhances a healthcare organization’s ability to provide quality care and improve the safety and satisfaction of patients and staff members.

Supporting Quotes

  • Lisa Rowan, research vice president, HR, Talent and Learning Strategies, IDC
    “The move to a value-driven care delivery model in healthcare has resulted in organizations increasingly adopting solutions to gain the intelligence needed to balance fiscal accountability and improve patient outcomes. Considering that labor is any healthcare organization’s largest controllable expense, a predictive employee scheduling system with integrated forecasting is integral in improving the performance of these organizations at this time of transformation and change.”
  • Susan M. Reese, MBA, RN, CPHIMS, director, healthcare practice group, Kronos
    “At Kronos, we work closely with our customers to ensure that we deliver the applications needed to address current challenges. We’re pleased to offer Workforce Forecast Manager for our healthcare customers, which will incorporate relevant and available labor data from disparate sources and apply it to forecast and optimize schedules to drive positive outcomes for employees, managers, and most importantly, patients.”

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