Harvard Business Publishing Releases New Foundational Readings: Core Curriculum

Core Concepts for Business Students

BOSTON--()--Harvard Business Publishing (HBP) has introduced a new, fundamental set of course materials: Core Curriculum. Seamlessly combining text with multimedia, Core Curriculum helps students learn the essential concepts, theories, and frameworks that are vital to a business education.

Core Curriculum content represents the material and application skills that HBS authors consider both rigorous and relevant enough to be required in a business curriculum,” said Maureen Betses, Executive Vice President of Higher Education at Harvard Business Publishing.

Authored primarily by faculty at Harvard Business School (HBS), Core Curriculum consists of individual Readings that cover key material. Because Readings are written by HBS authors, they provide tight pedagogical linkage with cases, articles, and eLearning programs from Harvard Business Publishing.

Core Curriculum Readings are currently available in the disciplines of Entrepreneurship, Marketing, Operations Management, and Strategy. Additional Readings in those disciplines will be released in the coming months, and more disciplines are coming soon.

Readings are approximately 20-30 pages each, and most include video clips and Interactive Illustrations that allow students to experiment with various parameters and quickly master complex theories. These elements are included only when multimedia will clearly enhance a student’s understanding of a concept.

“Interactive illustrations serve to illuminate theory, demonstrate formulas, or animate concepts that cannot be relayed effectively through text alone,” Betses continued. “Instructors can choose Readings that best meet their course objectives and easily include them with other course material into customized coursepacks on the HBP web site.”

Each Reading Comes With:

  • Teaching Notes
  • Exhibit slides
  • Review Questions
  • Glossary of key terms
  • Comprehensive index
  • Endnotes

Instructors may adopt individual Readings, or the entire set in a discipline, depending on course goals.

Learn more at hbsp.harvard.edu/list/CoreCurriculum.

About Harvard Business Publishing

Academic institutions around the world use HBP teaching materials to add a real-life perspective to their graduate, undergraduate, and executive courses. These course materials vividly capture the realities of business and encourage students to play an active role in learning. HBP’s offerings include:

  • More than 8,000 case studies from Harvard Business School and partner case collections
  • Online simulations and courses
  • Core Curriculum Readings that cover fundamental concepts
  • Articles from the Harvard Business Review and other top management journals
  • Books and chapters from Harvard Business Review Press
  • Powerful eLearning programs

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Media contact:
Harvard Business Publishing
John Bertsch, 617-783-6135

Release Summary

Harvard Business Publishing has introduced Core Curriculum – a new set of course materials that helps students learn the essential concepts and frameworks that are vital to a business education.


Media contact:
Harvard Business Publishing
John Bertsch, 617-783-6135