Zoho Helps Retailers Track Inventory, Improve Sales

Zoho Books Unveils Inventory Management to Streamline SMB Processes

PLEASANTON, Calif.--()--Zoho today announced the launch of inventory management features in its online accounting software, Zoho Books. With the powerful combination of inventory and accounting, Zoho Books is an excellent solution for small businesses to track their stock and manage their business finances, all from a single tool.

“Businesses selling products spend ridiculous amounts of money, time and resources to separately track their stock, orders, sales and invoices to stay on top of their business. With its new inventory features, Zoho Books is the ideal companion for small business owners to get a complete picture of their business finances and to make smart business decisions,” said Raj Sabhlok, president of Zoho Corp.

To learn how to set up inventory management for your business and to better understand how inventory works, Zoho will host a webinar on Sept. 10, 2014, at 9:00 a.m. Pacific time. Register for the webinar at http://ow.ly/B6Oit.

Zoho will also be demonstrating Zoho Books and its new inventory management features at Zoholics: Accounting & HR being held November 6-7, 2014, at the Zoho headquarters and event center in Pleasanton, Calif.

Bringing Inventory and Accounting Together

Inventory is the largest asset on the balance sheet of many businesses. Poor inventory management can lead to lost sales if stock is unavailable or cash is tied up in overstocked goods. With Zoho Books, retail businesses can now keep track of stock available on hand, stock ordered and stock in demand. Retailers can also make informed decisions with real-time inventory value captured in financial reports.

Zoho Books relieves business owners of stock control and other mundane yet important tasks related to inventory management, giving owners the time needed to grow their businesses. Key highlights in the latest release of Zoho Books include:

Reduce costs with optimized inventory – Based on orders created in Zoho Books, business owners can anticipate goods in demand, purchase goods accordingly and avoid overstock.

Get notified when quantities drop – Owners can set limits for products in Zoho Books and receive notifications when quantities drop below the re-order points. Zoho Books has filters to identify which vendors need to be contacted for stocking up the inventory.

Gain insights with powerful reports – Zoho Books instantly crunches massive stock data and gives key metrics to business owners to make informed decisions. For instance, the FIFO lot tracking report accurately traces the incoming and outgoing goods as the transactions are created. Based on the stock available, the financial reports are updated with the right inventory asset value.

Account for damaged or stolen goods – Physical checks of inventory may result in identification of goods which are lost, damaged or obsolete. Zoho Books allows business owners to adjust the quantity of goods periodically to ensure the right value is captured in the balance sheet.

Clear out dead inventory – Price markdown can be a useful tactic to increase the sales for unsold inventory. Business owners can create custom price lists or markdown prices by a percentage in Zoho Books and quickly sell products.

Pricing and Availability

The inventory management feature in Zoho Books is available immediately. New users can sign up for a 14-day trial to evaluate Zoho Books for their business needs. Zoho Books is available on iOS, Android and Windows. Business owners can add unlimited users as well as their accountant to their Zoho Books account. The monthly subscription is $24, and a yearly subscription is available for $240, which includes a two-month discount.

For more information on Zoho Books, please visit http://www.zoho.com/books. For more information on Zoho, visit http://www.zoho.com. To get breaking Zoho news, follow the company on Twitter at @zoho and on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/zoho. The latest news about Zoho products is available on the company blog, http://blogs.zoho.com.

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Release Summary

Zoho Books unveils inventory management to streamline SMB processes. To learn how to set up inventory management for your business, register for the Zoho webinar at http://ow.ly/B6Oit.


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Marisa Lam, 650-344-1260