Delticom: Safety on the Way to School – When Every Millimetre Counts

Tyres and brakes are safety factors

Tyres and brakes are safety factors and need to be checked regularly. (Photo: Business Wire)

HANOVER, Germany--()--When the summer holidays are over and school starts up again, many children will once more, or for the first time, become road users. This is when the attention of all motorists is needed more than ever. Many hazardous situations cannot be properly assessed and controlled by children, particularly the youngest kids. As well as prudent, pro-active driving, safety factors on the vehicle such as brakes and tyres play a vital role.

In 2013, a staggering number of 6 165 children under 18 years of age were involved in road accidents in Poland. The majority of all fatalities among children aged 0-6 were car passengers (69,1%). Experts point out that road accidents in which children are involved happen mostly in the afternoon, when the youngest come back from schools and kinder gardens. Most frequently, children in Poland get hurt in road incidents on Mondays and Fridays.

Road accident statistics also show an alarmingly high number of child pedestrian casualties in Poland. These figures are especially disquieting for children between 7 and 14 years of age; almost 1 000 pedestrians in this age group sustained injuries last year.* Particularly in residential areas and roads close to schools or kinder gardens motorists should take their feet off the gas and be prepared to break at any time. Unforeseeable traffic situations often arise particularly because the little ones cross roads oblivious to everything, and completely carefree.

In situations like this, every millimetre of tyre tread counts. Studies and brake tests from tyre experts clearly show the link between tread depth and braking distance. The better the tyre tread, the shorter the braking distance; tests have established that braking distance increases over-proportionally as tread depth decreases. It is important for motorists that they can bring their vehicle to a standstill quickly in the event of a situation. If the road is wet or even covered in snow, then braking distances may increase dramatically, with fatal consequences. Responsible drivers can make a considerable contribution to the safety of children in traffic by checking their brakes and tyre tread regularly.

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* Source: „Road accidents in 2013“ by the General Police Headquarters of Poland

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Safety on the way to the school requires the attention of all motorists. Tyres and brakes are safety factors, which need to be checked.


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