“SYSPRO Committed to Providing Best-In-Class Solutions,” Says Analyst

Technology Evaluation Centers Appraisal Follows Attendance at JRocket Marketing Grape EscapeR Event

COSTA MESA, Calif.--()--SYSPRO, a developer of best-of-breed, award-winning enterprise resource planning (ERP) software for on-premise and cloud-based utilization, today announced that Technology Evaluation Centers (TEC) has commented on the results of a recent user survey, as well as SYSPRO customer presentations, at the JRocket Marketing Grape Escape R event held in Chicago in June, 2014.

The survey results queried a sample of respondents from within the SYSPRO reseller and customer community. “Benefiting from the latest software capabilities is indeed essential for mid-market manufacturers and distributors,” says TEC. “The survey results . . . show that 85% of respondents stated that thanks to SYSPRO’s technology and service they were able to ‘do more with less’ resources; 90% indicated that SYSPRO helped them improve go-to-market strategies; and 85% said that they achieve better business process, thanks to SYSPRO.”

The TEC report continues: “As we attempted to understand what ‘do more with less’ better go-to-market strategies or improved business process means at a more granular level, . . . SYSPRO’s clients attending the event from Rochester Electronics and 1000Bulbs.com stated it clearly:

  • Flexibility and scalability—SYSPRO can sustain growth for its clients, and if the client’s business is in a make-to-order rather than make-to-stockroom operational mode, SYSPRO ERP is able to handle a very large number of diverse transactions. Furthermore, as stated by Michael Murray, Enterprise Applications Manager at Rochester Electronics, SYSPRO ERP’s flexibility goes as far as being able to accommodate single or small production of many thousands of different items.
  • Customization capabilities — Thanks to the .Net framework that SYSPRO is using, anyone who knows the language can produce a piece of software that complements SYSPRO ERP.
  • Analytics—making sense of data—whether from operations or sales, etc., is a SYSPRO advantage for profit-building and sales-growing purposes. For example, weekly analysis of operational data helps manufacturers understand buyer behavior. Also, sales teams can base their strategies on reports that show cancelations, sales rep or supplier activity, product or marketing campaign performance, etc. Resources can be reviewed, measured, and altered as well to improve margins.
  • Trust—SYSPRO is recognized for providing great customer support as well as delivering on its roadmap promises. Kim Pedersen, CEO & Founder, 1000Bulbs.com asserts: ‘They [SYSPRO] make it very clear to their customers that they love helping us to be successful.’ In other words, with SYSPRO it is not about the money.”

The complete Technology Evaluation Centers report can be viewed at: http://www.technologyevaluation.com/research/article/Grape-Escape-2014-2-Tech-Companies-Include-News-Items-with-Key-Benefits-to-US-Landscape.html

SYSPRO USA President Joey Benadretti notes that the various analyst reports emanating from the Grape Escape are indicative that “SYSPRO solutions are broad and can support various forms of manufacturing, including Custom Job Shop, Engineer-to-Order, Configure-to-Order, Assemble-to-Order, Made-to-Order, Make-to-Stock, Mixed-Mode and Batch Process.”

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SYSPRO provides "best in class" solutions, say TEC Analyst


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