1492 Capital Management Named “Best Money Managers” by Lipper MarketPlace for Small Cap Core Alpha Strategy Performance

MILWAUKEE--()--1492 Capital Management’s Small Cap Core Alpha strategy for separate accounts was recently recognized in Lipper’s “Best Money Managers 2014” rankings for its one and three year performance ending June 30, 2014 in multiple categories.

The 1492 Small Cap Core Alpha strategy was ranked 1st out of 110 offerings in the U.S. Small-cap Growth & Value Equity asset class and 5th out of 384 offerings in the overall U.S. Growth & Value Equity asset class for the three year period ended June 30, 2014.

Managed by Rob Damron, Adam France, Joe Frohna and Rodney Hathaway, the 1492 Small Cap Core Alpha strategy was launched in November 2009 and is a portfolio of 20 to 30 holdings which we believe are the most opportunistic stocks having the best reward to risk ratios within our Small Cap Growth and Small Cap Value portfolios.

“Once again, our investment team is excited to earn Lipper’s 'Best Money Manager' rankings in our Small Cap Core Alpha strategy. Our repeatable process and investment philosophy has served our clients well through a variety of recent market cycles,” stated Rob Damron, co-portfolio manager of the 1492 Small Cap Core Alpha strategy at 1492 Capital Management.

“I am very proud of our portfolio management and research teams. They continue to do an excellent job managing a difficult, volatile investment environment,” commented Tim Stracka, Director of Institutional Sales.

Learn more about our strategies on our website at www.1492CapitalManagement.com or by contacting Tim Stracka at 414-238-3398 or Mike Micciche at 781-771-6380.

Past performance does not guarantee future results. No investment firm, including 1492 Capital Management, LLC, guarantees gains or that losses will not occur from the strategies applied to managed portfolios. However, we are committed to minimizing downside risk by applying strategies that we believe will minimize that risk through diversification of investments determined to be consistent with each client's investment objective.

Comments and opinions expressed in this document regarding individual securities, markets, strategies and case studies are not recommendations or predictions, and thus should not be acted upon. They are based only upon the judgments and opinions of 1492's professional staff. The use of any investment strategy does not guarantee that an investment return will be achieved, or that a loss will not occur from the advice provided. You are encouraged to contact us with your questions.

1492 Capital Management, LLC is an investment adviser founded in 2008 and headquartered in Milwaukee, WI. 1492 has five investment strategies for separate accounts, one of which is also available as a mutual fund. Visit www.1492CapitalManagment.com for more information.

Minimum criteria for inclusion in Best Money Managers:

1. Performance must be calculated "net" of all fees and brokerage commissions. This means after all fees and commissions have been deducted. This standard is somewhat controversial, as the SEC requires that only "net" of fee numbers be presented publicly, while the primary industry association (AIMR) prefers that "gross" numbers be presented along with a fee schedule. Since the SEC is a regulatory authority, and since complete fee schedule presentation would be impractical in this "ranking" format, we require "net" numbers.

2. Performance must be calculated inclusive of all cash reserves. To explain, any given investment portfolio will hold some level of cash over a particular reporting period. Even equity portfolios which specifically seek to be fully invested in the market at all times will temporarily have dividend payments and other ordinary cash flows which cannot instantaneously be invested in the market. These cash holdings obviously will have an effect on the performance of the overall portfolio - negative when cash returns are low relative to returns of the asset class, and positive if the opposite is true. While presentation of "equity-only" (for example) returns may provide a valuable insight into the security selection skills of the manager, we require for comparability's sake that performance results be inclusive of cash reserves for consideration in the rankings.

3. Performance results must be calculated in U.S. dollars, that is, from the perspective of a U.S.-based investor. Currency holdings can have a very significant impact on the performance of a portfolio with international holdings. While this will always be the case (as we do not make distinctions between hedged and un-hedged portfolios), we require that performance must be translated into U.S. dollars to ensure comparability to the point where these are all returns that would be seen by a U.S. based investor.

4. Performance results must be calculated on an asset base which is at least $10 million in size for “traditional" U.S. asset classes (equity, fixed income, balanced accounts) or at least $1 million in the case of international and "alternative" U.S. asset classes. This minimum ensures that the firm and product are somewhat established. The goal is to not taint the rankings with "flashes in the pan" while also not excluding promising emerging managers. The minimum asset base requirement, therefore, is set at a level which balances these objectives.

5. The classification of the product must fall into one of the categories which we rank. We only publish rankings for categories/time period combinations for which we have at least 20 contenders.


1492 Capital Management, LLC
Nancy Frohna, 414-224-9175

Release Summary

1492 Capital Management recently named “Best Money Managers” by Lipper MarketPlace for its Small Cap Core Alpha strategy performance through June 30, 2014.


1492 Capital Management, LLC
Nancy Frohna, 414-224-9175