CBI BIZ: 5th Global Ethanol Focus 2014 / Hong Kong / September 24-25

5th Global Ethanol Focus 2014

SHANGHAI--()--With the Asian Ethanol Market undergoing significant changes, including export ban on cargoes from Thailand, ethanol capacity expansion in Asian countries with the support of E5, E10, and Biofuel playing an integrated part in Asia, the 5th Global Ethanol Focus (GEF) 2014 organized by CBI BIZ will be held on September 24-25, 2014 in Hong Kong.

In its fifth year, GEF has become the must-attend event in Asia Pacific for ethanol players. It will discuss the feedstock focus and technical updates, track trade flow and regional hot issues, including US regaining its endeavor to export ethanol, the Philippines constantly expanding capacity, and industrial and beverage use in Japan and Korea. After the two-day conference in Hong Kong, the attendees will visit the Ulsan Port in Korea, followed by a downstream plant tour.


1→GMO debate of Corn and DDGS trade combat between US and China

2→Tapioca supply in ASEAN countries with balance of export and domestic consumption

3→Scenario of sugar & molasses supply & demand Outlook -- Can it meet the demand?

4→Global sugar market price outlook with opportunities in futures investment

5→How to make sustainable supply chain -- Perspectives from suppliers and processors

6→G2 ethanol production -- Is it a false statement, or when will it come true?

7→How will China play and impact the Asian supply chain after its trial of fuel-ethanol importing and fight for air pollution?

8→Will E5 in India be finally mandated this year despite the new government and approaching E10 with sufficient sugar supply?

9→How will US & Brazil’s raw materials affect the supply and demand in Asia? New FTA achievements to change the scenario?

10→When will Indonesia players establish new standards for blending and look forward to prospects?

11→Thailand military reform still advocating biofuel usage and future prospects of ethanol industry with new plants coming up

12→Will rising capacity of sugarcane as well as ethanol in the Philippines lead to a new supply and demand pattern?

13→Vision of launching Bio-ethanol Blending program in Vietnam against its Macro-Economy background

14→Ethanol Supply & Consumption situation and export data in Middle East.

15→New downstream application -- bio-based materials

16→Industrial usage -- EA market outlook in Asia

17→Wine & spirits consumption -- What are the future trends?

This time, we will gather ethanol and biofuel producers, traders, technology companies, shipping and logistics companies and downstream users of fuel, industrial and beverage ethanol in Hong Kong to look further into the possible trends and opportunities among regions led by the dynamic changing market. 100+ attendees from ethanol chains world-wide are expected.

For more information, please visit: http://gef.cbibiz.com/51256/index.html


Jill Zhang, +86-21-51550809

Release Summary

The 5th Global Ethanol Focus (GEF) 2014 organized by CBI BIZ will be held on September 24-25, 2014 in Hong Kong.


Jill Zhang, +86-21-51550809