Michigan Office of Child Support Deploys Genesys Solution to Leave No Families Behind

Genesys Customer Experience Platform Eliminates Frustration by Cutting Response Time from Two Weeks to Five Minutes

DALY CITY, Calif.--()--Genesys (www.genesys.com), a leading provider of customer experience and contact center solutions, today announced that the Michigan Office of Child Support (OCS) has cut response time to customers from two weeks to just five minutes. This accelerated customer response is a result of connecting customers directly to caseworkers using the Genesys Customer Experience Platform. The Genesys Customer Experience Platform helps caseworkers understand where customers are in their journey with the agency to deliver an optimal customer experience.

For the Michigan OCS, the Genesys solution delivers a customer experience that begins with a highly efficient self-service system that quickly routes customers to the appropriate caseworker. Before caseworkers answer a call, the Genesys solution offers specific insight on each customer by providing detailed information about who is calling, and why. This process improvement has increased Michigan OCS system productivity by 40 percent, eliminated case backlog and case escalation, and enabled 90 percent of caseworkers to work remotely.

“People don’t call us unless they need us. Now, we get to all of those people quickly,” said Erin Frisch, Director, of the Office of Child Support in the Michigan Department of Human Services. “Our mission is to make change and increase the permanent well-being and self-sufficiency of Michigan families. By simplifying our system and empowering our caseworkers, we no longer have to waste time on technical difficulties but can instead have meaningful conversations that can change lives.”

Genesys Customer Experience Platform Saves Time, Eliminates Frustration for Families

For Michigan families, assistance benefits had previously often been denied through no fault of the families themselves due to an antiquated customer contact center system. After that system was replaced with the Genesys solution, the Michigan OCS eliminated the response challenges and now provides a seamless customer experience. Delay and desperation that had previously been a part of the customer experience have been eliminated and replaced by timely, frustration-free interactions. This shift is due to efficiently routing conversations to the right caseworker so that first call resolution is achieved when a customer calls the OCS.

“Before we deployed the new solution, the number one complaint about our office was the inability to reach a specialist,” said Frisch. “Our caseworkers used to pick up the phone with no information about who was on the other line, making calls inefficient from the very start. The caseworkers processed only about 55 percent of incoming calls, with many calls dropping into voicemail. By the time someone answered the phone or returned voicemail, families were frustrated. Now, we achieve first-call resolution in five minutes, resulting in happier families and more effective caseworkers.”

Secure, Flexible, Integrated Call Center Software

The Genesys Customer Experience Platform provides a secure, flexible call center software solution that integrates self-service applications and caseworker-assisted transactions to increase customer satisfaction and reduce costs.

The Michigan OCS deployed Genesys Interactive Voice Response for self-service and Genesys Advisor to improve real-time customer service and resource management. Genesys Advisor consolidates information to provide caseworkers with coherent and useful answers so they can take immediate action and move straight into resolving customer requests and doing good family social work. By comparison, caseworkers previously had to access and process overwhelming amounts of paperwork in order to serve customers. In addition to these improvements, the Genesys Survey Solution measures customer satisfaction by polling customers about their experience at the conclusion of the OCS interaction, and Genesys Interactive Insights help the agency continuously gain knowledge to keep improving its processes in real-time.

“Our call volume has dropped from 26,000 calls a month to around 16,000,” said Frisch. “Even more importantly, our escalation rate has dropped radically. We used to see escalations on a regular basis for all kinds of reasons. Now it is rare to have any escalations at all.”

Results are Better Customer Service, Empowered and Happier Caseworkers

The Michigan OCS worked closely with its caseworkers when implementing the Genesys Customer Experience Platform. This collaboration included organizing job shadowing and focus groups as well as involving caseworkers in design sessions and process improvement events. The OCS also focused on building a solution with Genesys that would enable 90 percent of the team to work remotely.

By creating a system that distributed workflow evenly while also enabling managers to easily monitor phone conversations, the OCS was able to reduce call volumes while increasing quality of customer care. Child support workers now specialize in tasks and share cases across the entire caseworker population rather than maintain separate caseloads. Furthermore, the initial Genesys implementation has established a proven, scalable solution for OCS to leverage in the future by allowing a broader network of child support professionals to access and utilize the platform across the entire state of Michigan.

“The Michigan Office of Child Support’s amazing results are the perfect example of how innovative technology can fuel real social change and make a positive impact for citizens,” said Tom Eggemeier, Chief Customer Officer at Genesys. “We are honored to be a part of this important work supporting Michigan families.”

Genesys will host a webinar entitled “The Human Face of Customer Experience Technology” to showcase this successful Customer Experience Platform deployment on August 14, 2014 at 2 pm Eastern Time. For more information on this webinar and to register, please click here.

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