inPowered Introduces its Expert Ranking to Enable Marketers to Promote Expert Opinions About Their Brands

New Algorithm Discovers & Ranks the Top Experts on Any Topic, Enables Brands to Promote What Validated Experts Are Saying About Them

inPowered's Expert Ranking identifies the top-ranked experts on any topic. (Photo: Business Wire)

SAN FRANCISCO--()--inPowered, the company that enables marketers to discover and promote expert opinions about their brands, today introduced its Expert Ranking, which discovers and ranks the top experts on any brand, product or topic and lets brands promote those validated opinions. This enables marketers to leverage the credibility of the experts who are writing about their brands or products to build trust with their potential customers, and ultimately build their brands.

With the introduction of Expert Ranking, inPowered’s existing content promotion platform has evolved to become the world’s first and only platform capable of ranking the top experts on any given topic, discovering what they are saying about brands, and enabling marketers to promote those expert opinions.

How It Works

  1.   inPowered’s Expert Ranking platform identifies and ranks the top experts on any topic, brand or product.
2. Brands can then discover the positive opinions – inPowered even highlights the best quotes – that top experts are writing about them.
3. inPowered then enables brands to promote those expert opinions across targeted Web, Social and Mobile channels, leveraging the credibility of the experts to get potential customers excited about their brand or products.

Cutting Through the Noise with Experts

As recent research from Nielsen shows, content from trusted experts has far greater impact on people’s purchase decisions than either branded or user-generated content. But when people are making decisions, they are inundated by more content today than ever before, and it can be hard to find the credible information in the digital content haystack. inPowered’s Expert Ranking enables brands to cut through the noise by informing and inspiring potential customers via existing expert opinions.

“I could sit here and tell you how great inPowered is, but of course I’m going to say that about my own company – so why would you believe me?” said Peyman Nilforoush, Co-Founder and CEO of inPowered. “But what if I promoted the opinion of Chad Pollitt, a top expert on content marketing and content promotion, who recently said that ‘Only one tool in the content promotion ecosystem lays claim to impacting all three major channels – owned, paid and earned media. inPowered acts as a search engine to find trusted earned media coverage of brands, products and services. Users of this tool can then choose to socially broadcast the earned media coverage and distribute it across multiple paid networks in a turnkey fashion.Isn’t that far more compelling, coming from a credible, third-party expert? Expertise is what moves the needle with customers. People don’t want to be ‘influenced’, they want credible information from trusted experts so they can make informed decisions.”

Rather than focusing purely on a person’s “influence” (which is how people react to someone’s status), inPowered’s Expert Ranking focuses on measuring true expertise (how people react to someone’s actual knowledge). inPowered’s Expert Ranking measures expertise based on three primary factors: Depth, Consistency, and Validation.


inPowered first looks for people that write in-depth articles on the few topics that they have the most knowledge on, rather than people who write basic articles on a lot of topics. Someone who writes in-depth articles focused on a few targeted topics is deemed more knowledgeable than someone who writes a few articles about lots of different topics.


Then inPowered looks for people who actively and consistently share their knowledge in a given topic. Someone writing several articles per week about a particular topic is deemed more knowledgeable than someone that writes only one story per month on that topic, even if more people read that one story than any single story from the person who writes consistently.


Finally, inPowered looks for people that have a loyal following of people who consistently share their content. For example, if someone consistently has 100 people sharing her content on a particular topic, that person is deemed more knowledgeable than a person who has one article that was shared by 1,000 people.

“Ultimately, people trust experts far more than they trust brands,” said Pirouz Nilforoush, Co-Founder and President at inPowered. “inPowered is the only platform capable of ranking the top experts on any topic, discovering the content those experts have written about your brand, and highlighting the specific, positive expert opinions you should promote for the greatest business impact with customers.”

About inPowered

inPowered enables brands to discover and promote what ranked experts say about them to help inform and inspire potential customers. People trust credible experts more than brands, so inPowered discovers what experts are saying about any brand, product or topic and enables brands to leverage and promote those expert opinions. inPowered is headquartered in San Francisco with offices in New York and is backed by Rho Ventures and Relay Ventures. Visit for more information. Follow us on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+.


Robb Henshaw, 925-640-7321
VP of Marketing

Release Summary

inPowered introduces its Expert Ranking platform to enable marketers to identify top-ranked experts on any topic and promote what those experts are saying about their brand or products.


Robb Henshaw, 925-640-7321
VP of Marketing