Packet Design Infographic Shows State of Networks and Network Management

EMA research depicts impact of SDN, cloud, and demand for new services on network growth, evolution and management

This infographic, Management Needs in the Age of Network Change, was created in part with Enterprise Management Associates (EMA). (Graphic: Business Wire)

AUSTIN, Texas--()--Packet Design has published an infographic – “Management Needs in an Age of Network Change” – based on research by Enterprise Management Associates (EMA)*. EMA surveyed 250 enterprise networking professionals in North America and Europe about how they are handling cloud, SDN, and network management challenges. The results reflect the growing size, scope, and central role of networks as they evolve to handle the demands of new architectures, applications, and services.

Key takeaways:

  • Network traffic is growing: Most survey respondents plan to maintain the same type of wide area network connectivity over the next 12 months. Few (less than 10 percent) intend to reduce their WAN connectivity, according to EMA. Network professionals plan to add more managed services (traditional WAN connectivity) than the other types, especially mid-sized and financial services organizations.
  • Organizations are reevaluating their network mix: Despite the above, nearly half of the survey respondents said they plan to replace some of their managed services WAN connectivity with general or managed Internet. Mid-sized organizations indicate the most interest in changing their mix.
  • Cloud visibility is a problem for the vast majority: This is a wake-up call for service providers, who can differentiate themselves by helping enterprise clients achieve the control and visibility they need to adequately manage service delivery.
  • Interest in SDN high; deployment low: The majority are in the research/test phase, with 19 percent having some production SDN deployed, and 13 percent with no plans to deploy SDN.
  • Management concerns hamper SDN: Traditional manual and device-centric management methods cannot provide the visibility needed to run a programmable network that automatically adapts to application demands.
  • It IS the network: Network issues are the top two primary root causes of performance/degradation problems. While a host of causes such as server, security and storage systems were cited, this indicates that the network is the logical first place to look when troubleshooting performance issues.
  • Route analytics valued the most: Survey respondents (from large organizations with more than 5,000 managed devices) cited route analytics, traffic flow analytics and path analytics as their top three most valued network performance monitoring features. This emphasizes today’s network management challenges, including the dynamic and complex routing structure of modern IP networks.

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Release Summary

Packet Design has published an infographic – “Management Needs in an Age of Network Change” – based on research by Enterprise Management Associates (EMA).


H2 Strategic Communications
Chandra Hosek, 512-524-9652