Goodbye Flayvr. Hello MyRoll: The World’s First Mobile Photo Gallery That Tailors Itself to You

With over 2 million users, Flayvr rebrands as MyRoll and releases a brand new, intelligent photo gallery replacement for iOS and Android

TEL AVIV, Israel--()--After 2 years and close to 1.5 billion photos analyzed, Flayvr is introducing a new brand and new product focused on replacing the mobile photo & video gallery: MyRoll. A complete reinvention of the mobile gallery as an intelligently personalized experience, MyRoll is the first gallery ever created that uses behavioral, contextual, and image data analysis to learn what memories matter most to each user and tailor the gallery to each individual.

The result is a reimagined gallery experience that learns what is most important to each user, recognizes and highlights high-quality pictures, automatically organizes photos and videos into moments, and helps users easily and natively share entire moments, with multiple photos and videos, across Facebook, WhatsApp, SMS, Twitter, email, and more.

“In the same way that companies like Waze and WhatsApp rebuilt the core smartphone applications of mapping and messaging, we saw a tremendous opportunity to dramatically enhance stock photo galleries offered by both iOS and Android,” said Ron Levy, CEO and Founder of MyRoll. “We wanted to address all of the frustrations around organizing, finding, and sharing the amazing memories that are frequently thrown into an endless scroll on your mobile phone. The only way to do this was to create a highly advanced image and behavioral analytics engine that can understand your photos, your photo taking habits, what matters most in your life, and deliver a gallery that was created just for you.”

Levy concluded, “Our philosophy is that your gallery should love your memories as much as you do. That’s what we’ve created with MyRoll.”

MyRoll utilizes the company’s proprietary Gallery Curation Engine (GCE) to help users:

  • Share – MyRoll makes sharing groups of photos and videos as easy as taking them, letting users share entire memories, not just single photos or videos, with just a tap across WhatsApp, Facebook, Email, SMS, Twitter, and more. MyRoll even lets users turn moments into Facebook albums on the fly and selects the top 10 photos of each moment for easy sharing on WhatsApp.
  • Organize - MyRoll automatically organizes photos & videos into moments around events and locations. Hundreds of precious photos & videos are hidden in the endless scroll of native galleries. MyRoll creates living memory collages based around events, combining interactive photos and videos helping users and their friends & families relive those memories as they happened.
  • Discover – MyRoll uses advanced computer vision technology to cut through the clutter and find your best photos and videos – memories with smiling faces, great lighting, vibrant color, clear focus and more.
  • Personalize – Using machine learning, behavioral analysis, and connections to a user’s events calendar, MyRoll learns which photos matter the most to each individual, highlights those memories, and make them easy to share and enjoy. MyRoll is the only gallery that gets smarter the more you use it, and even leverages big data from the crowd to elevate memories around important events.

MyRoll is available for download for free today in the iOS App Store at and Google Play

About MyRoll:

Founded by technology veterans and entrepreneurs and backed by leading investors, MyRoll is focused on helping users organize, discover and share the photos that matter most to them. Billions of digital photos are taken on mobile devices every day. Using computer vision, machine learning and behavioral & contextual analysis, MyRoll reinvents the photo gallery as an experience that learns about the user and tailors their photos and videos into the moments that matter most. Learn more at


for MyRoll
Kevin Brown, 512-917-8744


for MyRoll
Kevin Brown, 512-917-8744