Ativa Medical Names James M. McNally, Ph.D., President and CEO

Developer of world’s first micro lab hires new leadership in preparation for clinical studies and commercialization

ST. PAUL, Minn.--()--Ativa Medical Corp., developer of the world’s first multi-detection micro lab to help clinicians make immediate treatment decisions, today announced James M. McNally, Ph.D., as president and CEO.

McNally brings to Ativa 25-plus years of executive leadership experience in the medical device and diagnostic industry, including most recently serving as vice president of Quest Diagnostics’ Products Division, including its point-of-care companies. He has been awarded 12 patents for his health care and diagnostic innovations.

“In my career, I’ve had the opportunity to review hundreds of diagnostic instruments and businesses; we believe Ativa’s system will be able to deliver central lab quality results in about 5 minutes during a single office visit. Clinicians will be able to better diagnose and treat patients, while significantly reducing traditional lab test costs,” McNally said. “I look forward to taking this important technology through commercialization.”

When launched, Ativa’s system should allow health care professionals to obtain results in minutes, rather than hours or days, to improve the patient experience. Practitioners will get critical test information for detecting and managing disease during the clinical visit, where it is most valuable.

The Ativa system also reduces the chances for lab test errors and misdiagnoses, as it does not require sample handling by multiple health care staff. “(Central) laboratory testing is subject to many factors that potentially could adversely affect the integrity of the sample and prevent the timely reporting of an accurate test result to your provider,” according to a 2014 report by Lab Tests Online.

“Ativa’s micro lab, with the footprint of a toaster, will ultimately be able to accurately and efficiently test up to 90 percent of Medicare’s top 30 blood tests,” McNally said. “Ativa’s patented disposable microfluidic cards need only a drop of blood yet compete with the quality and consistency of large lab instruments, based on our pre-clinical complete blood count results. The Ativa system holds great potential where speed-to-diagnosis is critical, such as emergency rooms and urgent care facilities, as well as in private physician offices and retail clinics and pharmacies. Because of the system’s affordability and portability, we believe there will be great interest in this system in emerging countries, many of which lack access to quality lab testing of any kind.”

“Jim McNally’s experience with an array of point-of-care products, including navigating commercialization issues and the FDA, gives him important insights to lead Ativa at this stage,” said James B. Stake, chairman of Ativa’s board of directors. “This system presents a breakthrough product in clinical diagnostics.”

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About Ativa Medical Corp.
Ativa Medical Corp. is a privately held, emerging growth medical diagnostic company developing and commercializing novel point-of-care diagnostic technologies. Ativa is currently pursuing the commercialization of an innovative tabletop micro lab for clinical use. This technology will enable health care professionals to perform critical hematology and blood chemistry tests on-site and get accurate results within about 5 minutes. For more information, visit

About the Ativa Micro Lab System
Health care systems worldwide are demanding that companies develop a more efficient treatment model, as 70 percent of physician decisions are driven by diagnostic testing. Ativa’s micro lab will help clinicians make treatment decisions immediately, aiming to improve outcomes. The micro lab is compact and designed to perform the most common blood-based lab tests in a physician’s office. The system combines flow cytometry, electrochemistry, colorimetric testing and imaging into a single system. Each test is run on a single, inexpensive, disposable card specifically tailored to the test of choice. The Ativa micro lab has advanced to demonstrating equivalence to central lab-based systems costing many times the price. The Ativa system’s technology, including key microfluidic components, sample preparation, disposable test cards, diagnostic tests and instrumentation, is covered by 80 U.S. patents and 184 patents worldwide. See the Ativa system in action at


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Ativa Medical Corp., developer of the world’s first multi-detection micro lab to help clinicians make immediate treatment decisions, today announced James M. McNally, Ph.D., as president and CEO.


Ativa Medical Corporation
Stephen Floe, 612-293-3993, ext. 619