GI Energy Cuts Costs, Reduces Risk for Walgreens Net Zero Store

Geothermal Solution Delivers Lasting Relief For Retailers From High Energy Costs and Refrigeration Outages

SAN FRANCISCO--()--Today at the ATMOmsphere conference in San Francisco, GI Energy, the leading multinational energy consultant for retailers, and Walgreens, the nation’s largest drugstore chain with more than 8,000 locations, co-present findings from a recent energy savings and sustainability project. The challenge? To substantially reduce energy consumption and find the most scalable clean technologies for future projects.

Jamie Meyers, sustainability manager with Walgreens and the team lead behind the Walgreens net zero store project with GI Energy says, “Over the course of this year, we are on track to realize zero cumulative energy from the grid—in fact, we hope to be net positive, to have a credit from the utility company at the end of the year.”

Walgreens and GI Energy are reporting three key findings with geothermal:

  1. better financial performance per location thanks to reduced energy and maintenance costs and avoided refrigeration downtime;
  2. preparation for the eventual phase out of synthetic refrigerants by successfully integrating with R744; and
  3. better visibility as a sustainable brand.

The Walgreens geothermal case history, like that of other GI Energy geothermal projects such as Sainsbury and Tesco stores, challenges assumptions about how retail buildings achieve optimum financial performance.

“We are using the earth’s stable 54 degree temperature to heat and cool the store. The CO2 heat pump pulls the heat out of the freezers and coolers, and we put it right back in the space to heat the building when it needs to be heated, or we put it in the ground, to store it and then use it in the winter time,” says Rob Olden, Director of Engineering, North America, for GI Energy.

Highlights of today’s ATMO presentation include a discussion of the most scalable elements of the Net Zero project, including relative payback periods and key lessons learned.

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GI Energy is one of the world’s leading energy efficiency engineering firms, with clients like Oxford University, Bulgari Resorts, Skanska and Walgreens. Our mission is to engineer a more sustainable financial footprint by pairing best-in-class methodologies with proven execution expertise. Our high efficiency solutions and hybrid designs maximize ROI and minimize cost. If your building could use an energy upgrade, contact us today. We can help you create a project profile that powers your business and your brand into the future, more sustainably. Visit us at


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GI Energy is one of the world’s leading energy efficiency engineering firms, with clients like Bulgari Resorts, Skanska and Walgreens, delivering lasting relief for retailers from high energy costs.


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