In Reuse We Trust: The Refinishing Touch Identifies Furniture Asset Management Strategies That Would Save the Government Millions

- Leading provider of refinishing, reupholstery and remanufacturing recommends cost-effective furniture asset management strategies to cut expenditure by more than 70% -

ALPHARETTA, Ga.--()--The Refinishing Touch, world leader in on-site, sustainable furniture asset management services, has completed a review of U.S. government spending on furniture assets. The results prove the positive effects that on-site furniture asset management services - including refinishing, reupholstery and remanufacturing - have on government budget efficiency, taxpayers and the environment.

The Refinishing Touch has worked with more than 22,000 public and private organizations across the government, hospitality and university sectors. As a certified contractor with the General Services Administration (contract number: GS-29F-0002M), The Refinishing Touch has completed projects within federal agencies including the U.S. Department of Justice, U.S. Congress, U.S. Department of Defense and the Executive Office of the President.

By analyzing government spending on facilities management, The Refinishing Touch has identified areas for improvement, including:

  • Ongoing maintenance of government owned facilities: While it is estimated that the U.S. government owns 650 million acres of land1 and owns or manages 900,000 buildings2 across the country, an estimated 77,000 of these are currently empty or underused3
  • Reducing furniture spend for government agencies: The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) spent nearly $100 million refurbishing offices across the U.S. in 20085, and The Refinishing Touch estimates that the total annual cost of federal spend on new furniture is upwards of $714 million
  • Refurbishing rather than replacing existing furniture assets: Federal agencies would save up to $500 million, slashing total expenditure by 70%7
  • Embracing furniture asset management to extend the life cycle of existing assets: The average replacement cycle for furniture in the government sector is 10 years, which would be extended by double through efficient furniture asset management services

During a refinishing project completed at the Naval Air Station Pensacola, The Refinishing Touch refurbished and reupholstered more than 3,000 chairs, sofas and cushions. This cost the agency $268,000 compared to the $1.1 million it would have to replace these assets. The project delivered a 74% total cost savings.

Mario Insenga, president and founder of The Refinishing Touch, said: “The Refinishing Touch team consistently delivers superior on-site furniture asset management services to the government sector, drastically reducing furniture spend and renovation costs. For more than 35 years, we’ve worked closely with these institutions to reuse and repurpose existing assets and cut costs wherever possible. It is promising to see the government taking strides towards embracing sustainability efforts like furniture asset management and we look forward to working with more departments and services to further increase cost-efficiency, eliminate waste and lower carbon dioxide emissions.”

For more information on The Refinishing Touch’s analysis of government spending, please see the accompanying infographic here.


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About The Refinishing Touch

The Refinishing Touch is a world leader in on‐site environmentally safe and sustainable furniture asset management services, which include refinishing, re-upholstering and remanufacturing for more than 20,000 public and private organizations. The Refinishing Touch’s value-added items include its Touch Textiles division, selling a variety of durable and decorative fabrics; its solid surface offerings which include granite, quartz and glass; and its decorative hardware options.

The company was founded in 1977 and is headquartered in Alpharetta, Georgia. It has administrative offices in Los Angeles, California and Toronto, Canada. The Refinishing Touch is certified as ISO 9001:2008 compliant by the International Organization for Standardization, holding certificate 588518 and has been approved to provide services in the state of California through its California Multiple Award Schedule (CMAS), number 4-13-03-0324B. The company has also been recognized by the US General Services Administration with its Evergreen Award for innovative environmentally-friendly practices.


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Release Summary

The Refinishing Touch, world leader in on-site, sustainable furniture asset management services, has completed a review of U.S. government spending on furniture assets.


For The Refinishing Touch
Jackie Fraser, 857-277-5139