SYSPRO Advances ERP Mobile and Product Plans at IT Analyst Meeting

Rochester Electronics and Provide Live Testimonials

CHICAGO--()--SYSPRO, a provider of world class, award-winning ERP Solutions for on-premise and cloud-based utilization, will address more than two dozen of the world’s leading technology analysts this week at the 2014 JRocket Marketing Grape Escape ® annual analyst event held this year in Chicago. Advances to SYSPRO’s mobile deployment capabilities and enhancements within the software company’s release of SYSPRO 7 are being reviewed against a backdrop of two live customer testimonials from Rochester Electronics and SYSPRO will also outline product plans on the company’s release roadmap.

In connection with the event, SYSPRO also is issuing two additional press releases this week, one showcasing growth results achieved using SYSPRO ERP by and another outlining the results of a recent survey on manufacturing trends observed by the SYSPRO community. The company will also speak about the advancement of its Einstein Brain Trust Program, which is designed to spur interest and success factors within the U.S. manufacturing industry.

SYSPRO 7 Espresso Mobile Solution

SYSPRO’s primary drivers with its new Espresso mobile solution are to provide the company’s 15,000+ customers with a leading edge solution that is as “leading edge” as any solution in the market and that reflects the specific needs of mid-sized manufacturers and distributors. Specifically, SYSPRO’s new mobile solution delivers:

  • Built-in security along with an embedded management tool that controls content delivered to specific devices used by specific workers. This allows companies to control and manage any staff access/device change and create a holistic, yet flexible mobile policy;
  • A single-source code base to create highly integrated and native applications for any mobile device, and is platform and device agnostic. SYSPRO also brings an unprecedented level of customization/personalization capabilities to existing applications in a graphical tile format, without modifications to the source code;
  • A component architecture that supports the transference of pre-defined data and process parameters from application to application, like building blocks;
  • A SYSPRO App Store where companies and third party developers have posted dozens of available apps created by and for the SYSPRO community;
  • Single sign-on methodology – regardless of the device – transferring user permissions automatically;
  • Support for Mac or Windows access once users are back at their desktop work environments;
  • Extensive graphical capabilities for optimizing the presentation of data.

SYSPRO 7 Provides Future Solution Priorities

SYSPRO executives gave the industry analysts a sneak preview of the planned product roadmap for SYSPRO ERP going forward by identifying seven priority areas:

1. Deep Vertical Market Advances to support emerging new compliance and process needs;

2. Extended functionality for Warehousing, Tracing and Project management;

3. Enhanced global market support through additional currency capabilities;

4. New social collaboration tools;

5. New e-commerce advances to leverage already strong product capabilities;

6. Advanced Business Intelligence: embedded, predictive and automated;

7. Faster incremental feature/function/capabilities releases to customers.

“This is a new era for SYSPRO, where we are seeing faster close cycles, greater adoption by larger organizations and a flood of dissatisfied companies who are looking for real value from their ERP solutions and not achieving their goals,” explains Joey Benadretti, President of SYSPRO U.S. “We already hold the number one position for delivering the ERP market’s best customer experience, and our technology is very leading edge. Watch for SYSPRO to continue to emerge in its leadership in manufacturing and distribution market solutions.”

Rochester Electronics Attests to SYSPRO’s “Timeless” ERP Durability

During the press conference event this week at the Shedd Aquarium, SYSPRO customers Mike Murray, Manager of Information Systems of Rochester Electronics, and Kim Pederson, CEO of, will address the 25 analysts. Both are long-time users of SYSPRO’s ERP solution and attested to the growth of their businesses supported by SYSPRO.

Headquartered in Newburyport, MA, Rochester Electronics, which was founded in 1981, is the world's most comprehensive solution for mature and end-of-life semiconductors. With a corporate campus comprised of its headquarters administrative building, a manufacturing building, plus several distribution facilities throughout the U.S., Rochester also has an international presence with sales offices in Europe, Germany, China and Japan.

Rochester Electronics works with customers worldwide to help turn end-of-life technology problems into Extension-of-Life® solutions. Industries throughout the world depend on Rochester Electronics to deliver critical semiconductors that have become unavailable from the original manufacturer. The company has:

• A huge inventory with approximately 3 million different pieces of stock;

• Billions of parts and finished devices – all in stock and ready to ship;

• Status as an authorized partner of more than 70 leading semiconductor manufacturers;

• Components that are 100% manufacturer traceable and certified;

• Presence in the aerospace, military, commercial, medical, automotive and other industrial vertical sectors.

Rochester Electronics also operates a manufacture-to-order parts business, which is necessary when the originally manufactured equipment is gone or when adjunct complementary solutions are needed. This is also called “authorized device recreation.” To meet this market’s needs, Rochester Electronics builds and resells more than 300,000 manufactured device types and certifies all of their manufacturing via the world’s key manufacturing quality certifications.

SYSPRO has supported Rochester Electronics since 1997 through the company’s period of rapid growth to become the leader Rochester is today. What speaks to the timeless strength of SYSPRO’s even early releases is the fact that Rochester never upgraded from its original software release and yet scaled the business with it.

“Talk about a parallel model to everything we believe in our own business model. SYSPRO stood the test of time even in its original form,” Mr. Murray said. And it was lacking the bells and whistles that were never even conceived of back when it was originally implemented. But, it did not break – closed the books, did the ordering, did what was needed to grow a company profitably.”

After the massive update to one of SYSPRO’s most current releases in 2012, Rochester Electronics gained a wide range of new efficiencies:

• Through SYSPRO’s Business Objects, the company has integrated its warehouse and CRM systems to SYSPRO, providing live inventory and customer information;

• Rochester Electronics’ warehouse processes have improved exponentially. The company no longer needs an army of people at multiple inventory receiving locations scanning inventory receipts. People resources are now better utilized on quality assurance, sales and service activities;

• SYSPRO’s Business Intelligence presentation layer helps the company make much faster, better business decisions on the fly – or longer term on issues requiring deeper analysis for big opportunities. Previously, the company had very limited insights into its operations, no real-time trending, and most of management’s decision making needed to be done by looking backwards with limited data, and lengthy processes.

Mr. Murray cites this great example of where these insights identified what would surely have been a missed opportunity. “Our services business operates at a very high margin, but previously was only a small part of our overall business model. However, we discovered through our new SYPSRO BI capabilities that we recently experienced a huge spike in demand for our services business. Since then, we’ve quadrupled our resources in our services operations, have purchased new equipment to support requests for our tape and reel services, and now have achieved a significant increase in revenue from that very high margin area.” Through the increased business, the company has now built a brand reputation as the premier tape and reel boutique shop, executing a high volume of these jobs at a high margin.


SYSPRO is one of the longest standing and largest independent, international providers of ERP systems for mid-market manufacturers and distributors worldwide. SYSPRO has for more than 30 years delivered on its promise to provide thousands of its customers globally with the tools required to effectively operate and compete. Backed by a truly dedicated and professional team of employees and partners around the world, the company’s ability to innovate and develop technologies based on the needs of customers is one of the reasons why SYSPRO enjoys one of the highest retention rates in the industry.

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