Prime’s Digital Health Record in Your Pocket Reaches New Milestone: 50,000 Records Connected

Free Mobile App Helps Patients and their Families Aggregate Health Information from Multiple Sources to Improve Healthcare Experiences; CEO Applauds Apple HealthKit

KANSAS CITY, Mo.--()--Prime, the digital health record in your pocket, today announced it has hit a milestone with 50,000 healthcare records connected. Prime’s free mobile app helps patients aggregate their healthcare information from multiple sources into a single view they can take on the go. Prime streamlines important health information to help patients and their loved ones achieve a better healthcare experience by putting all their health information in one place. Prime was founded by Tyler Hayes, an alumnus of the Techstars accelerator program, who has dedicated his career to innovations that help improve healthcare experiences. Prime is available for download in the Apple App Store.

“If you or someone you know suffers from a chronic illness that requires multiple visits to multiple doctors, you know firsthand just how difficult it can be to keep medical records organized,” said Tyler Hayes, Founder and CEO, Prime. “The core premise of Prime, beyond that it alleviates the need for lugging binders of paper records around, is that it puts all the information in one place; no more logging in to different patient portals for every doctor, lab or pharmacy.”

Prime was designed for mobile from the ground up. It is the only app that aggregates instantly and automatically all health records with no manual entry required. Prime universally supports over 300 healthcare providers today with more on the way. While hospitals, clinics and doctors are required to make medical records available to patients, Prime works on a patient’s behalf to get all of their records from all care providers. As a result, patients receive an up-to-date list of medications, lab results, immunizations, and more, and then can access that information anytime, anywhere, and share with anyone. Prime is HIPAA-compliant.

Additional features of Prime include a Medications tab that shows a full list of a patient’s medications. It highlights current medications, how often they are taken and when the patient began taking them. Another feature is the Family Ribbon that makes connecting with family members and sharing medical information with them easier. Before Prime, patients wanting to share health information with family, friends and emergency contacts had to grant full access through each hospital they visited. Prime eliminates the middleman, allowing patients the freedom to keep everyone up to date, and tell the people that need to know, what they need to know.

“Apple's HealthKit announcement is great validation for people's need to get all their health information—not just some, but all of it, including their true medical data—in one place and access it anywhere, anytime. No more silos, just easy access,” added Hayes. “For too long, patients and concerned family members have struggled with tracking health information from multiple sources, so we built a first-class mobile app that aggregates records from all those sources to provide a unified view on the go and an overall better healthcare experience.”

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Prime empowers people to take control of their personal health records on the go. Users can apply information from multiple sources into a single view giving them complete access to important data. The end result is individuals and their loved ones achieve a better healthcare experience. Prime is a free, HIPAA-complaint mobile app available for download in the Apple App Store. The company launched out of Techstars in 2014.


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Prime’s Digital Health Record in Your Pocket Reaches New Milestone: 50,000 Records


Caroline Vespi, 925-212-9184