TrackVia Saves Cell Surgical Network $425K After Switching EMR System

Company Replaces Traditional EMR System with Custom Solution Built on TrackVia to Expand Capabilities and Increase Flexibility and Cost Efficiency

DENVER--()--TrackVia, the do-it-yourself application platform for business users, is helping companies like Cell Surgical Network to massively reduce their costs and increase their workflow efficiencies, after switching their Electronic Medical Records (EMR) system to a custom EMR application that they built and deployed in just a few days using TrackVia. CSN estimates it has saved $425K in the first year alone, as a result of switching their former EMR software with TrackVia.

Focusing on cutting-edge regenerative medicine, Cell Surgical Network works with 37 treatment centers in 23 states and seven international locations to provide standardized technology and protocols for its unique application of adult mesenchymal stem cell treatment. CSN’s process requires extensive and thorough data collection, and the data is shared among all other affiliates in the network. Previously, data was forwarded to headquarters and manually entered into an elaborate, complex database, a process that was time consuming and prone to errors, resulting in inefficiencies and delays in the reporting.

“We needed to track both procedural notes from physicians, as well as follow-up data from patients,” explained Chris Lindholm, Chief Operations Officer, Cell Surgical Network. “The EMR we were using simply couldn’t do both, and they were trying to convince us to adjust our needs and wants to fit their EMR, instead of adjusting their software to meet our needs.”

Recognizing the problems with their traditional EMR software, the company sought a solution that offered greater flexibility and cost efficiency. They found that TrackVia provided the feasible, flexible and affordable solution that CSN needed.

With simple commands controlled by on-site physicians and staff, CSN can now quickly access:

  • A customized dashboard of aggregated data sharable with their Network Affiliates
  • Patient health, wellness and progress reports
  • Success story reports for existing patients outlining outcomes
  • Data reports within a secure HIPAA and HITECH compliant system that meets legal health care security requirements

“TrackVia is designed to not only streamline the creation and usability of business applications for a multitude of use cases, but do so in a way that creates true cost savings,” said Pete Khanna, CEO of TrackVia. “We’re thrilled to help companies like CSN replace inflexible systems with a solution that is affordable, scalable, and easily customized in minutes with clicks, not code.”

CSN is also looking ahead to employ TrackVia systems to allow patients to log in and enter their own data directly, which will further reduce input and staff time.

For more information on how CSN is using TrackVia to reduce costs and save time, click here.

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