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LONDON--()--The now former Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson has hit headlines again this month, but not as you would expect. His vintage wine collection, which he acquired through his managerial years, has been estimated at around £3m and is set to be auctioned off this May.

For those looking to take a leaf out of Sir Alex’s success in the cellar, then look no further, because Ideal Wine Company ( have compiled a complete and comprehensive guide to modern wine collecting that will give you all the information you need.

The guide titled ‘A Collectors Guide: How to keep a safe and secure collection’, aims to inspire and help those wishing to broaden their wine collecting knowledge with practical, step-by-step guidelines, it is a 10-step taster for first time buyers and experienced wine-connoisseurs alike. It is not all about drinking wine, in fact, quite the opposite. Vintage wine collecting is an investment that can stimulate even the most mundane of weekend chardonnay sippers.

“Many merchants will aim to buy a wine for around 90% of what they will sell it for. Others may look to make more.”- Part 9, Keep up to date

Featuring a detailed collection of expertise and advice, Ideal Wines’ ‘Collectors Guide’ goes through the worries of wine choice, condition and correct storage, as well as the essentials of knowing when to buy, when to sell and more importantly when to drink. Remember, “Fine wine gets better with age.”

“Let the past make you better, not bitter. There is no definitive way to predict the future however the past can help guide us.” – Part 1, Gain a little knowledge

Ideal Wine’s new online guide for wine collectors is now available to download at

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*** Ideal Wine Company is a London based buyers and sellers of luxury wines who specialise in the collection of drinks from around the world. Their services also include home and bonded warehouse delivery.

Ideal Wine Company are buyers and sellers of luxury drinks from around the world and are based in Knightsbridge, London. Whether you want to buy your luxury drinks for collecting or drinking we can cater to meet your needs. Ideal Wine Company also sells luxury drinks for special occasions and offer a home delivery service or bonded warehouse delivery.

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For Ideal Wine Company
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