Industry-First ShareShift Simulator Provides Guidelines for Shifting TV Budgets to Digital Video

Latest YuMe research draws on Nielsen Data

YuMe/Nielsen ShareShift 2014 ( (Graphic: Business Wire)

REDWOOD CITY, Calif.--()--YuMe, Inc. (NYSE:YUME), a leading provider of digital video brand advertising solutions, initiated the research that explores key scenarios where shifting TV dollars to digital video improves campaign performance. The YuMe-commissioned Nielsen study helps to establish norms, analyze impact, and understand optimal shift levels for planning holistic TV and digital video campaigns.

“This research supports the dramatic shifts we’re seeing in consumer viewing patterns, where viewers are moving from single screen TV to multi-screen digital video and TV,” says Ed Haslam, SVP Marketing, YuMe. “An interesting takeaway from the research is that if you’re only using TV buys to reach young men, you’re spending too much.”

The YuMe study utilized Nielsen's combined TV and online panels and 12 representative TV + digital video campaign scenarios to derive industry-level guidelines on shift opportunity and performance. The study showed that among millennial men, who tend to watch less traditional TV than other demographics, a 10%-30% budget shift extends reach by up to 8%. The research shows that shifting dollars to digital can also achieve dual platform exposure, shown in prior industry studies to improve campaign performance and enhance brand results.

“Finding the right media mix for maximum ROI has been a hot topic for many years now; however, we’ve finally reached a tipping point where we have enough data to push past conjecture and use campaign results to inform smarter cross-media planning,” says Ronjan Sikdar, Director of Media Analytics, Nielsen.

Overall, this study led to massive amounts of valuable research around viewing behavior and shift percentages, ultimately providing enough insight for YuMe to build an industry-first ShareShift Simulator leveraging the results of the unbiased industry study from Nielsen. The web-based simulator is coming soon and takes into consideration many variables, while looking at the effects of shifting 10%, 20% or 30% of campaign budget from TV to digital video. Measured effects include reach, frequency, GRP, CPM, and CPP metrics.

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Study Methodology

The YuMe-commissioned Nielsen ShareShift study incorporated Nielsen TV/Internet Data Fusion, which leverages Nielsen’s National People Meter Panel with the Nielsen NetView panel to obtain a clear picture of reach across these platforms, along with the following: Nielsen National Television Ratings, Nielsen Monitor-Plus, and Nielsen IMS software. To obtain a holistic approach, the methodology included identifying twelve typical TV advertising schedules by classifying thousands of campaigns by spend level (high, medium and low spend), broadcast versus cable allocation, and daytime-primetime viewing. Further, each schedule was analyzed by key demographic groups including P18+, P18-49, M18-34 and F25-54 across Reach, Frequency, GRP, CPM and CPP metrics. Every schedule and subgroup was analyzed to determine the effect of shifting 10%, 20% and 30% in spend from TV to online.

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Waggener Edstrom
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