Nippon-Ryomakai: a monumental 70 m symbolic sculpture of legendary samurai Ryoma Sakamoto be a proposed landmark on Mt. Atago, in Uraga towering above the entrance of Tokyo Bay!

Statue of the patriots of the Bakumatsu and Meiji Restoration and a Memorial Museum also to be built

Samurai: Ryoma statue conceptual rendering (Photo: Business Wire)

TOKYO--()--General incorporated association Nippon-Ryomakai will erect a 70 meter high sculpture of Ryoma Sakamoto along with a statue representing the Bakumatsu (also known as the end of the Edo period) and Meiji Restoration patriots as well as a Memorial Museum. The landowner, (Mr.) Ikimori sanctioned the project's use of the land which is located on Mt. Atago in Uraga (Nishiuraga 2-chome, Yokosuka city) near the U.S. Naval installation ‘Commander Fleet Activities Yokosuka’.

Construction plans are scheduled to be drawn immediately upon obtaining construction development approval and authorization from Yokosuka city where the organization has submitted the request.

The current state of affairs in Japan and globally stifle governments, the economy, culture, and education resulting in the loss of momentum. They have come to a virtual impasse while the reign of confusion continues. All existing value systems, authorities, and honor are collapsing and their significance of existence to society is under threat.

We are at a critical historical crossroad not seen since U.S. Admiral Perry arrived in Japan off the shore of Tokyo Bay, Uraga (Mt. Atago) leading his squadron of four black ships over 150 years ago, and the World War II 70 years ago. We should parade our passion towards the achievements of our patriots during the Bakumatsu period and the Meiji Restoration, honor them, and earnestly learn their historical perspective, philosophy and behavior. If we fail to give form to these ideals today and push through genuinely brave reforms in all of Japan's ossified domains and framework reclaiming Japan, the current regime in Japan assuredly will collapse in the near future. We do not have a moment to lose. It is time to act quickly and boldly, refrain from holding fruitless debate.

It was decided to establish these monuments on Mt. Atago, at Uraga, Tokyo Bay as a spiritual symbol for all concerned at home and abroad in order to address and act boldly in the face of the critical situation facing Japan and the world, so Japanese people can regain "pride, confidence and vitality", and nations take hold of "justice, trust and dignity."

Through this project Japanese citizens can have an awakening - and cultivate unparalleled "Samurai Spirits" who are enterprising, energetic and bold people that are 'well skilled in wielding both the sword and the pen', and have characteristics of 'Japanese spirit imbued with Western learning'.

We have created this plan to build - as a first-phase project on Mt. Atago, at Uraga, Tokyo Bay - this central facility to cultivate the venture spirit of 'young leaders' of a new Japan who will be responsible for the next generation. Further, we are determined to execute phases 2 and 3 of the Ryoma Project Strategic Program.

We are confident that this will contribute greatly, not only to the development of tourism and commerce, but to trigger the political, economic, cultural and educational revival of Japan and metropolitan areas.

We hope the people, businesses and organizations who understand and approve of our intent and activities will join and support us.

Summary of the (70 m) Ryoma Sakamoto statue and related facilities


Facility Name:

Mt. Atago, at Uraga, Tokyo Bay Ryoma Sakamoto (Standing) Sculpture (70 m); Bakumatsu and Meiji restoration patriots statue; and, Bakumatsu and Meiji Restoration Memorial Museum


Construction site:

Nishiuraga 2-chome, Yokosuka city, Kanagawa Prefecture
On premises contracted with the organization located at Mt. Atago, at Uraga, Tokyo Bay.


10,425 square meters (3,153 tsubo in the Japanese measurement system)

Construction period:

(After development approvals) April 2016 to March 2019


Steel frame/copper-plated curtain wall type construction (for Ryoma statue); Copper (for patriots statue); Steel frame, rebar-reinforced concrete (for Memorial Museum)

Total construction cost:

Budgeted based on baseline design, detail design, and additional costs

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General incorporated association Nippon-Ryomakai
Hideo Tanaka, +81-3-3585-1111
FAX: +81-3-3585-1150


General incorporated association Nippon-Ryomakai
Hideo Tanaka, +81-3-3585-1111
FAX: +81-3-3585-1150