PRIDE Suite from TRACLabs, Inc. Developed for NASA, Used on International Space Station

New software tools make it easier to author, perform and audit oilfield procedures

HOUSTON--()--TRACLabs, Inc. has introduced an innovative suite of software tools that can significantly improve the process of authoring, performing and auditing standard operating procedures used by oil and gas operators and service companies. The Procedure Integrated Development Environment (PRIDE) suite replaces cumbersome and often incomplete paper manuals with a computer-based system that enables quick access to all current information needed to operate or maintain a given piece of technology. This software-based approach contributes to safety, operational efficiency, equipment reliability and global adherence to standard procedures.

Versatile Authoring Tool

To assist authoring of standard operating procedures, the PRIDE software suite provides an intuitive drag-and-drop interface for the subject matter expert to assemble the elements of a procedure, such as the equipment required, procedural steps, and questions that must be answered as the procedure is carried out. This approach brings together all necessary information in an electronic format and reduces the labor and tedium of assembling instructions. Procedures can be updated quickly and redistributed electronically, ensuring that all equipment operators and technicians worldwide are using the most up-to-date procedures.

Ensuring Consistent Performance

The PRIDE suiteā€™s electronic interface also makes it easier for operators and technicians at rig sites and maintenance facilities to implement procedures correctly. The PRIDE tools guide the operators through every step of the procedure in proper order and ensure that all necessary information is provided and that required actions are taken. If the operator breaks from the given instructions, the software can send out alerts so appropriate actions can be taken.

Tracking Compliance with Procedures

The PRIDE suite also enables companies to better manage and audit operations. Electronic distribution of procedures ensures that the most current procedures are available to operators and technicians at all locations using the specific technology. As procedures are carried out, they can be monitored by experts at remote operating centers and can be recorded in a secure database for tracking and quality control. The ability to track and record compliance is important to offshore operators who must comply with requirements imposed after the Deepwater Horizon incident.

Links to Equipment Sensors

While the procedure is being implemented, the PRIDE suite can draw relevant sensor data from the equipment and display those data for the operator and anyone monitoring the work remotely. For example, the software can acquire sensor data during a blowout preventer test or it can communicate with downhole drilling systems to troubleshoot problems. By linking sensor measurements to the standard procedure, operators can save time and reduce uncertainty during critical operations.

Developed for NASA

TRACLabs created the PRIDE suite under contracts with NASA to develop electronics procedures for astronauts to use while conducting complex and potentially dangerous procedures. By using the PRIDE suite for the International Space Station program, NASA has documented as much as a 300% improvement in the efficiency of authoring and performing complex procedures.

About TRACLabs

TRACLabs, Inc. provides technology and services to support robotics and automation programs at NASA and the Department of Defense. The company is marketing its PRIDE suite through its commercial division, PRIDE Automation, Inc., which is focused on providing proven software tools to the oil and gas industry.


TRACLabs, Inc.
David Kortenkamp, 281-461-7886


TRACLabs, Inc.
David Kortenkamp, 281-461-7886