UBS’s First-Quarter Adjusted1 Profit before Tax up 97% to CHF 1.5 Billion

Net profit attributable to UBS shareholders CHF 1.1 billion; diluted EPS CHF 0.27

Wealth management businesses net new money CHF 12.8 billion

Global Asset Management net new money CHF 13.0 billion excluding money markets

Fully applied Basel III CET1 ratio 13.2%, above 2014 target

Phase-in Swiss SRB leverage ratio 5.0%

ZURICH & BASEL, Switzerland--()--Regulatory News:

UBS (NYSE:UBS)(SWX:UBSN) delivered a solid first-quarter performance despite a volatile operating environment. Every one of UBS’s business divisions and regions was profitable, reflecting the firm’s successful strategy and the strong positions it has created both from a business mix perspective and regionally. This enabled the firm to deliver an adjusted1 profit before tax of CHF 1.5 billion, up 97% on the prior quarter. On a reported basis, profit before tax was CHF 1.4 billion. UBS continued to strengthen its industry-leading fully applied Basel III common equity tier 1 (CET1) ratio, which increased 40 basis points to 13.2%, surpassing its 13% target for 2014. The firm’s phase-in Swiss SRB leverage ratio increased 30 basis points to 5.0%. UBS attracted net new money of CHF 12.8 billion into its wealth management businesses, and Global Asset Management recorded very strong net inflows. UBS continues to effectively execute its strategy as it moves to the next phase of delivering attractive and sustainable returns to shareholders.

Together with the presentation of its financial results for the first quarter, UBS is providing an update to investors on its strategic progress and the compelling prospects for its future. The firm intends to further modify its legal structure in order to enhance its resolvability in response to evolving global regulatory requirements which will also improve its capital returns potential. For more information see the separate releases available at

Group highlights

  • Adjusted1 profit before tax CHF 1.5 billion
  • Net profit attributable to UBS shareholders CHF 1.1 billion; diluted earnings per share CHF 0.27
  • Adjusted1 operating income CHF 7.1 billion
  • Fully applied Basel III CET1 ratio up 40 basis points to 13.2%
  • Phase-in Swiss SRB Basel III leverage ratio up 30 basis points to 5.0%
  • Fully applied Basel III risk-weighted assets (RWA) CHF 227 billion

Business division highlights

  • Wealth Management increased adjusted1 profit before tax to CHF 659 million; net new money strong at CHF 10.9 billion; net new money growth rate of 4.9% at upper end of target range; gross margin on invested assets increased 2 basis points to 87 basis points; adjusted1 cost / income ratio improved and was within the target range
  • Wealth Management Americas delivered record adjusted1 profit before tax of USD 284 million; net new money USD 2.1 billion; adjusted1 cost / income ratio and gross margin on invested assets maintained within target ranges
  • Retail & Corporate increased adjusted1 profit before tax to CHF 401 million, the best first-quarter performance since 2010; net new business volume growth for the retail business ahead of target at 4.3%; net interest margin and adjusted1 cost / income ratio within target ranges
  • Global Asset Management delivered adjusted1 profit before tax of CHF 126 million; very strong net new money of CHF 13.0 billion excluding money market flows; annualized net new money growth rate ahead of target at 6.6%
  • Investment Bank increased adjusted1 profit before tax to CHF 549 million; fully applied RWA and the funded balance sheet were well within limits; adjusted1 cost / income ratio improved and was well within the target range; higher adjusted1 return on attributed equity at 27.8%, comfortably ahead of its target of greater than 15%

Commenting on UBS’s first-quarter results, Group Chief Executive Officer Sergio P. Ermotti said, “Surpassing the 13% CET1 ratio target we set two years ago is a major milestone for the firm and its stakeholders. I’m pleased with the first quarter as we demonstrated sustainable profitability across all business divisions and regions. Dedicated and disciplined execution of our strategy for the benefit of clients and shareholders remains our top priority.”

Group overview

For the first quarter of 2014, we reported a net profit attributable to shareholders of CHF 1,054 million and diluted earnings per share of CHF 0.27. We recorded an adjusted1 Group profit before tax of CHF 1,486 million, a solid performance achieved despite a volatile operating environment.

We are pleased to have surpassed our long-stated fully applied Basel III common equity tier 1 (CET1) ratio target of 13% already in the first quarter. Our premier CET1 ratio is the result of actively reducing risk-weighted assets (RWA) and building Basel III-compliant capital by growing our retained earnings. We continued to deleverage our balance sheet, reducing total assets by CHF 36 billion during the quarter. Our Basel III funding and liquidity ratios as well as our Swiss SRB leverage ratio remained comfortably above our regulatory requirements and we expect to meet the fully applied 2019 leverage ratio regulatory requirements ahead of schedule. Our fully applied leverage ratio improved meaningfully to 3.8% due to a combination of reducing the denominator to below CHF 1 trillion and increasing the numerator through higher CET1 capital and the issuance of EUR 2.0 billion of low-trigger, loss-absorbing Basel III-compliant subordinated notes. This brings our total amount of low-trigger tier 2 capital to CHF 7.1 billion, against an expected progressive buffer requirement of around CHF 9 billion by 2019. Our fully applied total capital ratio already stands at 16.8%, versus our expected requirement of around 17.5% by 2019.

Wealth Management delivered an increase in adjusted1 profit before tax to CHF 659 million due to higher operating income and lower operating expenses. Transaction-based income increased, largely due to higher client activity across all regions, most notably in Asia Pacific. The gross margin on invested assets increased 2 basis points to 87 basis points, as income growth outpaced an increase in average invested assets. Net new money was strong at CHF 10.9 billion, with Asia Pacific and emerging markets as the main contributors. We achieved a net new money growth rate that was comfortably within the upper end of our target range. The adjusted1 cost / income ratio improved and was within our target range and we expect further reductions in future.

Wealth Management Americas made a strong start to the year with a record adjusted1 profit before tax of USD 284 million. An increase in operating income, mainly due to higher managed account fees, was largely offset by higher adjusted1 operating expenses. The business continued to attract client assets, with net new money amounting to USD 2.1 billion. While the net new money growth rate was 0.9%, improved performance from experienced financial advisors was offset by outflows from financial advisor attrition. The business maintained both its adjusted1 cost / income ratio and its gross margin on invested assets within target ranges.

Our Retail & Corporate business recorded a higher adjusted1 profit before tax of CHF 401 million, mainly due to lower operating expenses as a result of lower litigation expenses. Net new business volume growth for our retail business was 4.3%, ahead of target. The adjusted1 cost / income ratio and net interest margin were both within our target range. Our new e-banking platform received the highest accolade possible in the cross-industry Best of Swiss Web 2014 awards and was cited as an outstanding project in terms of technology and expertise. As the leading universal bank in Switzerland and an important provider of pension advisory services, we are giving our private and wealth management client advisors additional training in this area and are launching a nationwide campaign to raise public awareness of the importance of retirement planning.

Global Asset Management recorded a lower adjusted1 profit before tax of CHF 126 million. The business’s adjusted1 cost / income ratio remained outside its target range. Excluding money market flows, net new money was very strong at CHF 13.0 billion, the highest amount since the third quarter of 2005, and included significant net inflows from both third parties and UBS’s wealth management clients. Including money market flows, total net new money reached CHF 9.6 billion, the highest amount since the third quarter of 2006. The net new money growth rate was ahead of target at 6.6%. The gross margin on invested assets was 31 basis points, slightly below target.

The Investment Bank increased adjusted1 profit before tax to CHF 549 million. Operating income was positively affected by strong revenues, particularly in debt capital markets and equities. In cash equities we recorded our best first-quarter performance since 2011. As a result of improved performance, operating expenses increased on higher variable compensation expenses, partly offset by lower general and administrative expenses. At CHF 62 billion, fully applied RWA remained unchanged and were consistent with our target of less than CHF 70 billion. The adjusted1 cost / income ratio improved and was well within the target range. The business achieved an improved adjusted1 return on attributed equity of 28% compared with 20% in the prior quarter. Resources and risk were managed in line with client activity and our return on attributed equity result was comfortably ahead of our greater than 15% target.

Corporate Center – Core Functions recorded a loss before tax of CHF 176 million. After allocations to the business divisions and Non-core and Legacy Portfolio, total operating expenses increased to CHF 227 million. A gain on own credit was partly offset by negative treasury income remaining after allocations. The loss before tax in Corporate Center – Non-core and Legacy Portfolio reduced to CHF 225 million, mainly due to an improvement in debit valuation adjustments, revaluation gains in our credit business and lower losses from unwind and novation activities. We continued to make progress in reducing balance sheet assets, which declined by CHF 25 billion. Fully applied RWA decreased by CHF 3 billion to CHF 60 billion at the end of the quarter. We expect to make further progress in exiting the remaining Non-core and Legacy positions during 2014.

Results by business division and Corporate Center
CHF million   Total operating income   Total operating expenses   Operating profit / (loss) before tax
For the quarter ended   31.3.14   31.12.13     % change     31.3.14   31.12.13   % change     31.3.14     31.12.13     % change  
Wealth Management   1,943   1,859     5     1,325   1,389   (5 )   619     471     31  
Wealth Management Americas   1,661   1,669     0     1,419   1,439   (1 )   242     230     5  
Retail & Corporate   932   931     0     547   599   (9 )   386     332     16  
Global Asset Management   451   482     (6 )   329   352   (7 )   122     130     (6 )
Investment Bank   2,190   1,861     18     1,765   1,563   13     425     297     43  
Corporate Center   80   (495 )       481   516   (7 )   (401 )   (1,011 )   (60 )

of which: Core Functions

  51   (365 )       227   200   14     (176 )   (565 )   (69 )

of which: Non-core and Legacy Portfolio

  29   (130 )       254   317   (20 )   (225 )   (446 )   (50 )
UBS   7,258   6,307     15     5,865   5,858   0     1,393     449     210  

Outlook – At the start of the second quarter of 2014, many of the underlying challenges and geopolitical issues that we have previously highlighted remain. The continued absence of sustained and credible improvements to unresolved issues in Europe, continuing US fiscal and monetary policy issues, geopolitical instability and the mixed outlook for global growth would make improvements in prevailing market conditions unlikely. Despite these challenges, we will continue to execute on our strategy in order to ensure the firm’s long-term success and to deliver sustainable returns for our shareholders.

1 Unless otherwise indicated, first-quarter 2014 “adjusted“ figures exclude each of the following items, to the extent applicable, on a Group and business division level: own credit gain of CHF 88 million, gains on sales of real estate of CHF 23 million and net restructuring charges of CHF 204 million. For the fourth quarter of 2013, the items we excluded were an own credit loss of CHF 94 million, gains on sales of real estate of CHF 61 million, a loss related to the buyback of debt in a public tender offer of CHF 75 million and net restructuring charges of CHF 198 million.

UBS key figures
    As of or for the quarter ended
CHF million, except where indicated   31.3.14   31.12.13   31.3.13
Group results            
Operating income   7,258   6,307   7,775
Operating expenses   5,865   5,858   6,327
Operating profit / (loss) before tax   1,393   449   1,447
Net profit / (loss) attributable to UBS shareholders   1,054   917   988
Diluted earnings per share (CHF)1   0.27   0.24   0.26
Key performance indicators2
Return on equity (RoE) (%)   8.7   7.7   8.5
Return on assets, gross (%)   2.9   2.4   2.5
Cost / income ratio (%)   81.1   92.7   81.2
Net profit growth (%)   14.9   58.9    
Net new money growth for combined wealth management businesses (%)   2.9   2.4   5.9
Common equity tier 1 capital ratio (fully applied, %)3   13.2   12.8   10.1
Swiss SRB leverage ratio (phase-in, %)   5.0   4.7   3.8
Additional information
Return on tangible equity (%)4   10.2   9.1   10.1
Return on risk-weighted assets, gross (%)5   12.6   11.2   11.9
Total assets   982,530   1,018,374   1,213,844
Equity attributable to UBS shareholders   49,023   48,002   47,239
Common equity tier 1 capital (fully applied)3   29,937   28,908   26,176
Common equity tier 1 capital (phase-in)3   41,187   42,179   40,235
Risk-weighted assets (fully applied)3   226,805   225,153   258,701
Risk-weighted assets (phase-in)3   229,879   228,557   262,454
Common equity tier 1 capital ratio (phase-in, %)3   17.9   18.5   15.3
Total capital ratio (fully applied, %)3   16.8   15.4   11.8
Total capital ratio (phase-in, %)3   22.7   22.2   18.9
Invested assets (CHF billion)6   2,424   2,390   2,373
Personnel (full-time equivalents)   60,326   60,205   61,782
Market capitalization7   70,180   65,007   55,827
Total book value per share (CHF)7   13.07   12.74   12.57
Tangible book value per share (CHF)7   11.41   11.07   10.79

1 Refer to “Note 9 Earnings per share (EPS) and shares outstanding” in the “Financial information” section of the First Quarter 2014 Report for more information. 2 Refer to the “Measurement of performance” section of our Annual Report 2013 for the definitions of our key performance indicators. In the first quarter of 2014, the definitions of certain key performance indicators were amended. Refer to the “Regulatory and legal developments and financial reporting changes” section of the First Quarter 2014 Report for more information. 3 Based on the Basel III framework as applicable for Swiss systemically relevant banks (SRB). Refer to the “Capital management” section of the First Quarter 2014 Report for more information. 4 Net profit / loss attributable to UBS shareholders before amortization and impairment of goodwill and intangible assets (annualized as applicable) / average equity attributable to UBS shareholders less average goodwill and intangible assets. 5 Based on phase-in Basel III risk-weighted assets. 6 Group invested assets includes invested assets for Retail & Corporate. 7 Refer to the “UBS shares” section of the First Quarter 2014 Report for more information.

Income statement
    For the quarter ended   % change from
CHF million, except per share data   31.3.14     31.12.13     31.3.13     4Q13   1Q13
Interest income   3,191     2,965     3,484     8     (8 )
Interest expense   (1,620 )   (1,419 )   (2,003 )   14     (19 )
Net interest income   1,572     1,546     1,481     2     6  
Credit loss (expense) / recovery   28     (15 )   (15 )        
Net interest income after credit loss expense   1,600     1,531     1,466     5     9  
Net fee and commission income   4,112     4,096     4,123     0     0  
Net trading income   1,357     604     2,222     125     (39 )
Other income   189     75     (37 )   152      
Total operating income   7,258     6,307     7,775     15     (7 )
Personnel expenses   3,967     3,660     4,100     8     (3 )
General and administrative expenses   1,679     1,956     1,999     (14 )   (16 )
Depreciation and impairment of property and equipment   199     221     208     (10 )   (4 )
Amortization and impairment of intangible assets   20     22     20     (9 )   0  
Total operating expenses   5,865     5,858     6,327     0     (7 )
Operating profit / (loss) before tax   1,393     449     1,447     210     (4 )
Tax expense / (benefit)   339     (470 )   458         (26 )
Net profit / (loss)   1,054     919     989     15     7  
Net profit / (loss) attributable to preferred noteholders   0     0     0          
Net profit / (loss) attributable to non-controlling interests   0     2     1     (100 )   (100 )
Net profit / (loss) attributable to UBS shareholders   1,054     917     988     15     7  
Earnings per share (CHF)
Basic   0.28     0.24     0.26     17     8  
Diluted   0.27     0.24     0.26     13     4  

UBS’s First Quarter 2014 Report, letter to shareholders, news releases and slide presentations will be available from 06.45 CEST on Tuesday 6 May 2014 at

UBS will hold a presentation of its first quarter 2014 results followed by an Investor Update on Tuesday 6 May 2014. The results will be presented by Sergio P. Ermotti, Group Chief Executive Officer, Tom Naratil, Group Chief Financial Officer and Group Chief Operating Officer, Martin Osinga, Global Head of Investor Relations (ad interim), and Hubertus Kuelps, Group Head of Communications & Branding.

Results presentation (followed by analyst Q&A and media Q&A) time:
10.00 – 10.55 (CEST) / 09.00 – 09.55 (BST) / 04.00 – 04.55 (US EDT)

Investor Update time:
11.10 – 15.45 (CEST) / 10.10 – 14.45 (BST) / 05.10 – 09.45 (US EDT)

Video webcast

All presentations and Q&A sessions (first quarter 2014 results and Investor Update) can be followed live via video webcast on

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6 May 2014, 10.00 – 15.45 CEST

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Cautionary Statement Regarding Forward-Looking Statements | This report contains statements that constitute “forward-looking statements”, including but not limited to management’s outlook for UBS’s financial performance and statements relating to the anticipated effect of transactions and strategic initiatives on UBS’s business and future development. While these forward-looking statements represent UBS’s judgments and expectations concerning the matters described, a number of risks, uncertainties and other important factors could cause actual developments and results to differ materially from UBS’s expectations. These factors include, but are not limited to: (i) the degree to which UBS is successful in executing its announced strategic plans, including its efficiency initiatives and its planned further reduction in its Basel III risk-weighted assets (RWA) and leverage ratio denominator; (ii) developments in the markets in which UBS operates or to which it is exposed, including movements in securities prices or liquidity, credit spreads, currency exchange rates and interest rates and the effect of economic conditions and market developments on the financial position or creditworthiness of UBS’s clients and counterparties; (iii) changes in the availability of capital and funding, including any changes in UBS’s credit spreads and ratings, or arising from requirements for bail-in debt or loss-absorbing capital; (iv) changes in or the implementation of financial legislation and regulation in Switzerland, the US, the UK and other financial centers that may impose more stringent capital (including leverage ratio), liquidity and funding requirements, incremental tax requirements, additional levies, limitations on permitted activities, constraints on remuneration or other measures; (v) uncertainty as to when and to what degree the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority (FINMA) will approve reductions to the incremental RWA resulting from the supplemental operational risk-capital analysis mutually agreed to by UBS and FINMA effective 31 December 2013, or will approve a limited reduction of capital requirements due to measures to reduce resolvability risk; (vi) the degree to which UBS is successful in executing the announced creation of a new Swiss banking subsidiary, a holding company for the UBS Group, a US intermediate holding company, changes in the operating model of UBS Limited and other changes which UBS may make in its legal entity structure and operating model, including the possible consequences of such changes, and the potential need to make other changes to the legal structure or booking model of UBS Group in response to legal and regulatory requirements, including capital requirements, resolvability requirements and the pending Swiss parliamentary proposals and proposals in other countries for mandatory structural reform of banks; (vii) changes in UBS’s competitive position, including whether differences in regulatory capital and other requirements among the major financial centers will adversely affect UBS’s ability to compete in certain lines of business; (viii) the liability to which UBS may be exposed, or possible constraints or sanctions that regulatory authorities might impose on UBS, due to litigation, contractual claims and regulatory investigations; (ix) the effects on UBS’s cross-border banking business of tax or regulatory developments and of possible changes in UBS’s policies and practices relating to this business; (x) UBS’s ability to retain and attract the employees necessary to generate revenues and to manage, support and control its businesses, which may be affected by competitive factors including differences in compensation practices; (xi) changes in accounting or tax standards or policies, and determinations or interpretations affecting the recognition of gain or loss, the valuation of goodwill, the recognition of deferred tax assets and other matters; (xii) limitations on the effectiveness of UBS’s internal processes for risk management, risk control, measurement and modeling, and of financial models generally; (xiii) whether UBS will be successful in keeping pace with competitors in updating its technology, particularly in trading businesses; (xiv) the occurrence of operational failures, such as fraud, unauthorized trading and systems failures; and (xv) the effect that these or other factors or unanticipated events may have on our reputation and the additional consequences that this may have on our business and performance. The sequence in which the factors above are presented is not indicative of their likelihood of occurrence or the potential magnitude of their consequences. Our business and financial performance could be affected by other factors identified in our past and future filings and reports, including those filed with the SEC. More detailed information about those factors is set forth in documents furnished by UBS and filings made by UBS with the SEC, including UBS’s Annual Report on Form 20-F for the year ended 31 December 2013. UBS is not under any obligation to (and expressly disclaims any obligation to) update or alter its forward-looking statements, whether as a result of new information, future events, or otherwise.

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