Paid-Search Expert Tells Marketers: Don’t “Set It & Forget It”

Columnist explains five factors that determine Google Quality Score and advises three ways to influence this important paid-search campaign metric

CHICAGO--()--“Paid Search is not ‘Set It & Forget It’ media” Kurt Anagnostopoulos, paid-search advertising expert and co-founder of the digital marketing firm KeywordFirst, told readers last month.

In a featured column for the online marketing strategies and tactics publication eM+C, Anagnostopoulos challenged digital marketers to “tweak, tweak, tweak” their paid-search campaigns. He elaborated in the article: “If you want optimal results from Paid Search, you must build fundamentally sound campaigns, monitor their progress at every opportunity and continually tweak…”

Anagnostopoulos revealed the five most important factors that determine Quality Score, Google’s ad-relevancy metric:

1. Click Through Rate (CTR)

2. Ad Relevancy

3. Keyword Relevancy/Campaign Structure

4. Landing Page Relevancy

5. Account History

And he illuminated three ways to drive higher Quality Scores:

1. Improve CTR

2. Manage Landing Pages

3. Build Quality History

To learn the details, read Anagnostopoulos’ piece on eM+C.

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Release Summary

Paid-search expert Kurt Anagnostopoulos of KeywordFirst explains five factors that determine Google Quality Score and three ways to influence positively this important metric


for KeywordFirst
Bob Dirkes, 312.286.0518