New Wit Thintex from SitOnIt Seating Reinvents the Upholstered Chair

Thin design and performance materials deliver a supremely comfortable task chair

SitOnIt Seating Wit Thintex (Photo: Business Wire)

CYPRESS, Calif.--()--SitOnIt Seating has introduced a modern interpretation of the traditional upholstered chair. New Wit™ Thintex™ provides all the comfort, support, and initial soft “pillow feel” of a 2” thick upholstered back in a thin contemporary design.

“Traditional upholstered chairs feel thick and doughy,” says John Phillips, Vice President of Industrial Design. “Wit Thintex is thin and light. The suspension mesh on the back provides breathability. The ergonomics of the comfortable S-shaped Wit frame is like a padded hammock as the user’s body conforms to the comfort curves.”

Thintex Tri-Layer Construction

Thintex uses a 3-layer construction method that makes Wit the most comfortable – and stylish – high-performance chair in its price range.

  1. A design layer of durable, cleanable, vibrant fabric or vinyl covers the outside
  2. A comfort layer gives the soft "pillow feel" for all day enjoyment
  3. A 1mm thick performance layer of monofilament mesh acts like two inches of foam, providing lasting spring-back and active support for long days of sitting

“No other manufacturer can compete with this design and price point,” says Mark Mannon, Director of Product Marketing for SitOnIt Seating. “It’s contemporary, modern and fun! It really looks like a chair costing 2-3 times as much.”


Thintex textiles are bright and vibrant. They're durable, cleanable and available in both fabric and vinyl. For the design layer, specifiers can choose between two SitOnIt Collection carded textiles in the same 12 colors as the Wit mesh back chair:

  • Pop fabric is made of 100% post-consumer recycled polyester with a water-repellant finish. It is green, durable (200,000 DR) and CAL 133 approved.
  • Slide vinyl is made of 100% polyvinylchloride. It is antimicrobial durable (100,000 DR) and bleach cleanable!

Seat upholstery is available in the thousands of textile choices normally available from SitOnIt Seating.


Wit Thintex midback and highback models are ideally suited for corporate conference rooms and task work. The antimicrobial feature of Thintex vinyl textile is perfect for healthcare applications. Mix or match the 12 vibrant colors with Wit mesh back chairs in educational facilities or hospitality environments.

Price and Availability

Like the original Wit mesh back, standard features include adjustable lumbar support, height adjustable arms and multiple back support colors. Suggested list pricing for Wit Thintex highback with basic synchro mechanism, height adjustable arms, black base and grade 1 textile is $535. Wit Thintex midback lists for $516.

Thintex is a performance fabric with three layers that work separately to provide design, comfort and performance unheard of in task chairs in this price range.

Wit Thintex task chairs are available immediately with SitOnIt Seating’s standard 2, 5, or 10 day lead times.


Wit and Thintex were conceived by SitOnIt Seating designers and engineers in southern California. The team incorporates the best technical innovations from automotive, aerospace, and other industries, and has over 50 years of accumulated design experience.

About SitOnIt Seating

SitOnIt Seating is a market leader in high quality, high design, comfortable, and affordable office seating. SitOnIt Seating build-to-order products are manufactured in southern California for timely shipping in as little as two days. SitOnIt Seating is a brand of Exemplis Corporation, a leading U.S. designer and manufacturer of build-to-order furniture. Exemplis is headquartered in Cypress, California.

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