cloudBuy: National Survey of Over 50s Reveals Concerns of Growing Old

LONDON--()--cloudBuy, the world’s first nationwide online social care marketplace, has launched its national survey revealing ‘Health issues’, ‘minds failing’ and ‘losing independence’ are among the biggest fears about getting old.

Researchers found eight in ten over 50s worry about ageing with some even admitting to being kept awake by their fears.

Loneliness, being a burden to others, having little money to fund their social care or being forced out of their home also feature among the top ten.

The age we start to worry is getting lower with almost seven in ten of those in their early 50s admitting their fears started sometime in their 40s, compared to just 14 per cent of those who are already pensioners.

But 70 per cent admit they have no plans in place for growing old, despite more than half admitting it would actually give them peace of mind.

Professor June Andrews, Director of the Dementia Services Development Centre at the University of Stirling, said “There are 3 main reasons people worry about getting older:

They’re more aware of the problems of ageing including Dementia; money is tight for individuals and for public services; and, these things are happening at a time when older people as consumers want more choice.”

Lyn Duncan, CEO for cloudBuy which commissioned the research, added: ‘’We need to get rid of the ‘illness’ type society and focus on pushing through a health society. The introduction of personal health budgets empowers people as they get older to make daily decisions and choices about their own care.’’

The study of 1,000 over 50s found that just over four in ten worry about ageing so much, it keeps them awake for an average two nights a week.

A staggering 95 per cent would prefer not to enter a care or nursing home.

Half would be prepared to cut down on holidays to fund full time home care in future years.

Top 10 worries

1. Health issues

2. Serious illness

3. Mind failing me

4. Becoming forgetful

5. Losing independence

6. Losing sight

7. Being a burden to others

8. Body failing but mind being completely fit

9. Money

10. Going into a nursing/care home


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Release Summary

A new national survey has revealed that 95% of Britain's over-50s do not want to enter nursing or care homes. 70% have made no plans for old age.


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