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Amlin plc (the “Company” or “Amlin”)

Interests of Directors and PDMRs

Awards under share-based incentive plans

Certain Amlin executive Directors and other Persons Discharging Managerial Responsibilities (“PDMRs”) were granted on 2 April 2014 awards under the Company’s Share Incentive Plan 2006 (“SIP”), an all-employee share plan under which all eligible full time Directors and other employees were made an award of free shares to the value of £3000. Voting rights may be directed by the beneficiary whilst the shares are held in the SIP trust, usually for a minimum period of three years. The numbers of Amlin ordinary shares (‘Shares’) awarded to each Director and PDMR, which were sourced by market purchase by the SIP trustee and through the use of unallocated shares within the trust, are as follows:

Directors   SIP Award Shares   Total Shareholding
S C W Beale 628 332,644
B D Carpenter 628 381,577
R A Hextall 628 169,043
C E L Philipps 628 614,063

The above Resultant Total Shares include all beneficial holdings of the Directors (including SIP shares) and, if applicable, of his spouse.

Additionally, each of the following PDMRs was awarded 628 SIP Shares on the same basis:

K Allchorne

M Farrow

J L T Illingworth

P Regazzoni

A P Springett

J E Styles

R M Wyatt


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3 April 2014

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