Hoberg’s Announces Celebrity Advisory Board

Hollywood Celebs to Help Market the New Hoberg’s Resort & Spa

COBB, Calif.--()--Hoberg’s Resort & Spa, a beautiful 55-acre mountaintop property in Northern California that is currently starting renovation, today unveiled its Celebrity Advisory Board.

  • Lorenzo Lamas (starred in “Falcon Crest”, “Renegade”)
  • Olivia d’Abo (starred in “The Wonder Years”, “Conan the Destroyer”)
  • Jose Canseco (former Oakland A’s/Major League Slugger)
  • Ernie Hudson (starred in “Ghostbusters”)
  • Glen Morshower (starred in “Transformers”, “24”)

Members of the Hoberg’s Celebrity Advisory Board have already filmed videos promoting the new reality show being filmed at Hoberg’s (“Extreme Resort Makeover”) and will assist with the marketing of the historic one-of-a-kind resort when it reopens.

The celebrities will attend Grand Opening events and take part in other activities that will make Hoberg’s once again the premier destination resort in Lake County.

“We are excited to bring this level of talent to serve as advisors to the new Hoberg’s,” said Hoberg’s spokesman Roger Salazar. “Olivia, Jose, Ernie, Lorenzo, and Glenn are all bringing their incredible talent to help take Hoberg’s to the next level. This is great for Hoberg’s and great for Lake County.”

In addition, the Celebrity Advisory Board will help attract artists to Hoberg’s new indoor and outdoor performance venues. Hoberg’s Club Resort will be presenting a variety of film festivals, concerts, entertainment events, and special themed weekends as part of its offerings.

Hoberg’s will also offer its property for film and television production. Its beautiful mountain setting has already attracted the interest of film and television producers and Hoberg’s Celebrity Advisory Board will assist with promoting film production at the pine mountain retreat.

Samples of the Celebrity Advisory Board videos can be found here:

Hoberg’s Resort & Spa: The Spa at Hoberg’s (Olivia d’Abo - Star of “Conan the Destroyer”, “The Wonder Years”): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LOIyU9PIC5Y

Hoberg’s Resort & Spa Charity Events (Jose Canseco - Professional Baseball Player): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DXaAsEUwsdU

About Hoberg's Club Resort: Hoberg’s Resort was founded in 1885 as a lodge with a few cottages, and grew to be one of the largest privately owned resorts in California. At its peak in the 1950s, Hoberg’s hosted more than 1,000 guests a night and was home to celebrities, politicians, and the elite. Hoberg’s Club Resort in located one hundred miles north of San Francisco in the mountain wine country on Cobb Mountain in Lake County, California. www.HobergsClub.com


ALZA Strategies for Lake County Partners
Roger Salazar, (916) 284-1255

Release Summary

Hoberg's Resort & Spa in Northern California announces Celebrity Advisory Board - Lorenzo Lamas, Olivia d'Abo, Jose Canseco, Ernie Hudson, and Glen Morshower - to help promote new resort.


ALZA Strategies for Lake County Partners
Roger Salazar, (916) 284-1255