Alpine Realty Income & Growth Fund and Alpine Financial Services Fund Receive 2014 Lipper Fund Award

PURCHASE, N.Y.--()--Alpine Woods Capital Investors, LLC, investment adviser to Alpine Funds, announced today that the Alpine Financial Services Fund (ADFSX) and the Alpine Realty Income & Growth Fund (AIGYX) received 2014 Lipper Awards for the five years ended November 30, 2013, among 24 and 55 funds respectively. The Lipper Awards honor fund management firms and individual mutual funds that excel in delivering consistently strong risk-adjusted performance, relative to their peers.

Commenting on the awards, Alpine Woods Capital Investors’ President and Chief Executive Officer Sam Lieber said, “It’s always an honor to be recognized for providing investors with competitive long-term performance. The 2014 Lipper Awards are a testament to the commitment, focus, and dedication of the Funds’ portfolio managers and their research teams.”

The Alpine Financial Services Fund invests in U.S. and non-U.S. financial services companies, which may include banks, thrifts, finance companies, securities brokerages, investment advisory firms, insurance companies and real estate including REITS with an objective of long–term growth of capital. The Fund may emphasize smaller market cap companies in seeking to achieve above average total returns. The Fund’s portfolio management team includes Peter Kovalski, CFA; Stephen A. Lieber; and Andrew Kohl, CFA.

The Alpine Realty Income and Growth Fund primarily invests in U.S. equity or debt securities of companies principally engaged in the real estate industry with an emphasis on companies offering high dividend yields well supported by underlying assets or earnings, with strong prospects for growth. Robert Gadsden has served as the Fund’s portfolio manager for the past 15 years.

About Alpine Woods Capital

Founded in 1998, Alpine Woods Capital Investors is an independent asset manager specializing in global real estate securities, tax optimized income investing, distinctly structured equity income products and innovative thematic mutual funds. Based in Purchase, New York, Alpine Woods Capital Investors is the investment advisor to the Alpine Funds, a family of fifteen open-end funds and three closed-end funds.

To learn more about Alpine Financial Services Fund an Alpine Realty Income & Growth Fund or to obtain the most recent prospectus please visit our website or call us at 1-888-785-5578.

Lipper Awards are based on historical risk-adjusted returns relative to their peers. The Alpine Financial Services Fund (ADFSX) received the award for best Financial Services Fund for the five year period ending November 30, 2013, among 24 funds and the Alpine Realty Income & Growth Fund (AIGYX) received the award for best Real Estate Fund for the same five year period among 55 funds. The award is specific to Class I shares and does not apply to other share classes of the Fund(s). The Lipper Fund Awards are part of the Thomson Reuters Awards for Excellence, a global family of awards that celebrate exceptional performance throughout the professional investment community. Individual fund classification awards extend over 3, 5, and 10 years. Lipper Awards are granted annually to the funds in each Lipper classification that achieve the highest score for Consistent Return, a measure of funds’ historical risk-adjusted returns. Lipper, a Thomson Reuters company, is a leading global provider of mutual fund information and analysis to fund companies, financial intermediaries and media organizations.

Past performance is not a guarantee of future results.

Carefully consider the fund’s investment objectives, strategies, risks, charges and expenses before investing or sending money. The prospectus or summary prospects contains this and other information about the Alpine open-end mutual funds and can be obtained by visiting our website at or by calling 888-785-5578. Read carefully before investing.

The Funds are subject to concentration risk, meaning the funds may concentrate portfolio assets in companies within the same or related industry. Therefore, the Funds are more exposed to volatility within that industry than a fund that was not concentrated. Investments in real estate securities may involve greater risk and volatility including greater exposure to economic downturns and changes in real estate values, rents, property taxes, interest rates, tax and other laws. A REIT’s share price may decline because of adverse developments affecting the real estate industry. Investing in dividend-paying stocks involves the risk that such stocks may fall out favor with investors and underperform the market. In addition, there is the possibility that such companies could reduce or eliminate the payment of dividends in the future or the anticipated acceleration of dividends could not occur. The funds may invest in preferred stocks and convertible securities. The values of such securities typically have an inverse relationship with changes in the prevailing interest rate. Securities with longer maturities generally involve a greater risk of fluctuations in the value resulting from changes in interest rates. The Funds may invest in foreign securities which involve political, economic and currency risks, greater volatility and differences in accounting methods. Medium- and small- and micro-capitalization companies tend to have limited liquidity and greater price volatility than large-capitalization companies. Investments in debt securities typically decrease in value when interest rates rise. Some securities held by a Fund may be difficult to sell, or illiquid, particularly during times of market turmoil. Illiquid securities may also be difficult to value. If a Fund is forced to sell an illiquid asset to meet redemption requests or other cash needs, the Funds may be forced to sell at a loss. The Funds may participate in initial public offerings (“IPOs”) or Secondary offerings which may result in a magnified impact on the performance of the Fund. IPO’s and Secondary offerings are frequently volatile in price and may increase the turnover of the Funds, which may lead to increased expenses. The funds may use leverage which may exaggerate the effect of any increase or decrease in the value of portfolio securities or the Net Asset Value of the fund, and money borrowed will be subject to interest costs.

The Alpine Financial Services Fund’s past performance benefitted significantly from Initial Public Offerings (“IPOs”) and Secondary Offerings of certain issuers, and there is no assurance that the Fund can replicate this performance in the future or that the Fund will be able to participate to the same degree in IPO/Secondary Offerings in the future.

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