Philips offers complete dictation solutions portfolio for all industries

Philips dictation recorders and workflow solutions now tailored to all business sectors

Philips offers complete dictation solutions portfolio for all industries (Photo: Business Wire)

VIENNA--()--Speech Processing Solutions, the global leader in professional dictation solutions now offers a complete Philips dictation portfolio for all industries. The customized solutions save time, increase efficiency and ultimately reduce costs for professionals in all sectors.

Superior audio quality and seamless integration into existing systems

In the healthcare sector, Philips has long been a well-established brand. The SpeechMike Premium offers superior audio quality, has an antimicrobial housing and seamlessly integrates into existing healthcare IT systems. “We have been relying on Philips hardware here since the very beginning and we provide our doctors with SpeechMike dictation microphones that were specially developed for use in hospitals,” says Roland Poot, Head of IT at Asklepios Fachklinikum Brandenburg, a hospital in Germany.

Legal professionals, who also need to handle large amounts of correspondence and documentation every day, swear on Philips products. Attorney Stephan Meusburger, LL.M from Austria says: "I like working with the SpeechMike Premium, it meets all the dictation recorder requirements of lawyers and delivers the best speech recognition results that I have seen so far."

Solutions for professionals on the go

For professionals who need to dictate on the go, such as Wolfgang Gölz, a Project Manager and architect at IFB, a construction company in Germany, the Philips Pocket Memo makes his life easier: “It's great that I don’t have to run around with a thick notebook and pen”. He can dictate in superior audio quality from anywhere and anytime.

In the shipping industry, where a report on an oil spill can easily be around 20-30 pages long, Philips dictation devices speed up turnaround times significantly, by allowing professionals to send their dictations to their transcriptionists or speech recognition software whilst still on site. "The Pocket Memo saves me a lot of time, since I don't have to drive back to the office each time to deliver the information," says Jan Fuisting from the Surveyor Group.

In the insurance industry, adjusters also often need to record statements while on the road. When back at the office, recorded statements need to be transcribed and put into forms often by hand, making it a very tedious and time-consuming task. With Philips dictation solutions this process can be streamlined and simplified down to a minimum. “I send in recordings from the road or my home and don’t have to wait until I get back to the office,” says Steve Fasano, founder of Criterion Claim Service, an independent insurance services firm based in the United States, which investigates claims for major insurance carriers from around the US.

Even the public and law enforcement sector can benefit from Philips dictation solutions. Waite Park Police Department in Minnesota, USA recently switched to using dictation devices. “Instead of waiting until the end of their shift, our staff can now access those recordings as soon as they’re uploaded. We had nothing but positive feedback from the other officers when we made that switch.” Tim Deschene, Officer and Investigator.

No matter which industry you are in, digital dictation solutions from Philips help increase your workflow efficiency, save time and ultimately help cut costs. Visit now to find out how Philips can help you.

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Philips dictation recorders and workflow solutions now tailored to all business sectors.