Thriving Under Stress – New Book by Andy Core Advises to Change Your Day, Not Your Life

FAYETTEVILLE, Ark.--()--Stop for a moment and consider your average workday. Do you rush to get things done but still fall behind? Is the pressure of your work such that you “crash” when you get home? Do you want to live healthy, but never have the time or the motivation to do so?

The very nature of modern life is hectic to an extent that could not have been imagined just a generation ago, leading to ever-present concerns over work-life balance.

But despite the fast pace of everyday life and work, there are many who live a daily life that results in increasing motivation, productivity and wellbeing.

Change Your Day, Not Your Life shows you how to become one of those people. Core instills real-world mindsets and tools to make change a little less daunting and a lot more doable. And, he does so with a very simple premise – you don’t have to change your life, you only have to change your day.

Core will show you the four key characteristics that differentiate “thrivers” from their less productive cohorts, “strivers.” You’ll learn how to change your day with “mini-patterns” that will become part of your way of life.

Implement these important characteristics to better approach your work from a mental standpoint, keep your energy level up throughout the workday, understand why you’re working so hard in the first place, and design the flow of your day to accommodate both balance and productivity. With Change Your Day, Not Your Life, increased motivation and productivity are just a day away.


ANDY CORE is a credentialed, award-winning thought leader on increasing employee engagement, productivity, and wellness motivation. As an author, speaker, columnist and live TV host, his talent lies in helping hard-working, conscientious adults thrive at work and in their personal lives.

  • Recipient of 2012 Top5 Global Speakers in Health/Healthcare
  • Voted Twitter Top 100 Productivity Experts to Follow for 2014 @andycore

Release Summary

Why don't I do what I know I should? Why am I so stressed, tired? Those are the questions Author and Top5 Global Speaker Andy Core answers in his latest book, Change Your Day, Not Your Life. #balance