Reality of Reform Triggers Public and Private Sector to Rethink; Booz Allen’s Reform Program Provides Guidance

MCLEAN, Va.--()--During the last decade, virtually every major federal and commercial sector of the U.S. has been impacted by reform and executive orders – from financial reform to immigration reform. And if the State of the Union was any indication, mandated change is not slowing down. For today’s executives, prioritizing the must-dos of reform is dizzying but it can be an opportunity if approached strategically. The rapid growth in technology, constant evolution of national security threats and staying power of mobility and social media will continue to fuel an increase in the volume, variety, and velocity of reform. With this in mind, today Booz Allen Hamilton announced the launch of its Reform services, a set of strategies and solutions to help guide organizations through reforms that result from new organizational visions or because of requirements generated by Congress or the Administration. The Reform service will help leaders implement the requirements of both mandated and non-mandated change in a way that will maintain their mission, prepare them for future outcomes, and achieve business success.

Booz Allen’s strategic consulting approach to addressing reform takes an optimistic view, allowing leaders to think of reform as an opportunity to achieve mission success. It’s a chance to reimagine strategy, retool the mission, spark innovation, and deliver results. Booz Allen’s approach to addressing business and organizational reform consists of important steps and considerations:




Ask the hard questions early and often: Despite best intentions, the lifecycle of complex, governmental reforms do not follow a straight path – consider, for instance, the Affordable Care Act. Once a reform or executive order is in place, leaders must ask the hard questions early and often in order to help their organizations remain flexible under an environment that will change. Understanding what matters upfront will provide a clear and accurate picture of the end goals required to be successful.


Recognize the call to action: A call to action serves as the catalyst for reform and typically stems from a variety of factors and triggers. Missing the call to action can have unintended consequences, including citizen harm and decreased organizational credibility. Recognizing and understanding the call to action early will help identify the best approach to reform.


Treat reform as an opportunity: Reform presents challenges to organizations but it is also an opportunity to rethink the strategy and reimagine the model. It allows an organization to take a step back and reflect, and when done strategically an organization is often better off than when they started.


Focus and manage your resources wisely: This environment of reform is accompanied by an era of decreasing and limited budgets, and it is more important than ever to spend budgets wisely and efficiently. Reform initiatives sometimes come with budgets but often times funds must be found, either way reform is necessary so it is important to be efficient by running budget scenarios to fully understand the impact of decisions.


Monitor and measure successes: Technology and innovation mean a 24/7 news cycle that demands rapid response. Your progress will be monitored and measured by a variety of stakeholders ranging from citizens to Congress. Communicating realistic expectations and proactively reporting progress, early and often, will provide the motivation and support needed to show progress and value. Being in charge of delivering the message will limit critics and avoid large issues.

“Reform when successfully carried out, should simplify and improve lives,” said Booz Allen Vice President Angela Zutavern and leader in the firm’s Strategic Innovation Group (SIG). “Implementing legislation, executive orders, and new visions from leadership seems overwhelming but it has become the new normal, and it can be an opportunity for organizations and agencies to create competitive advantages and excel.”

Over the last 100 years, leaders from across Booz Allen have helped clients rethink large-scale and complex problems, develop entirely new strategies, solutions, and products aimed at mission and business success to maximize investments in the people, processes, and technology that contribute to client missions. Booz Allen believes that the best way to overcome difficult problems is through innovation, and reform can be the change agent for agencies looking to reinvent and rediscover their potential.

More information about the Booz Allen’s Reform Service can be found here.

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Booz Allen Hamilton announced the launch of its Reform services, a set of strategies and solutions to help guide organizations through reforms.


Booz Allen Hamilton
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Carrie Lake, 703-377-7785