Ixia Provides Three Times More Network Visibility in Half the Rack Space

Advanced NTO 7300 platform helps customers eliminate blind spots and future proof their networks while taking up less space and resources in the data center

Ixia's high-density NTO 7300 is an upgradeable visibility platform that easily integrates into any network or data center environment. (Photo: Business Wire)

CALABASAS, Calif.--()--Ixia (Nasdaq: XXIA) introduced, as part of its Visibility Architecture, its most advanced, highest capacity platform that is designed to provide three times the visibility in half the rack space for enterprise and service provider applications. With this increased visibility, Ixia helps customers ensure their networks are equipped to support and manage rapid increases in bandwidth and user application complexity as well as to meet the need for expanded visibility into the unseen virtual network with existing monitoring tool investments.

Ixia’s newest network packet broker, the Net Tool Optimizer 7300, leads the industry in density, scalability and performance. It helps service providers and enterprises to improve real-time insights into the data traversing the network. The increased visibility allows customers to assess the network’s ability to handle new service or application deployments to monitor traffic from a rapidly growing user base, maintain data security and privacy monitoring and more quickly diagnose and resolve critical issues.

News highlights

The NTO 7300 is an upgradeable visibility platform that easily integrates into any network or data center environment to:

  • Optimize existing 1GbE and 10GbE monitoring tools in order to achieve total application and network visibility, even after migrating the core to 40GbE.
  • Provide industry-leading density, scalability and performance that gives IT teams the capability to monitor rapid changes in the network.
  • Offer a platform solution that provides a “pay-as-you-grow” upgrade path.
  • Save on CAPEX and OPEX with a compact footprint by using less rack space and power.

In addition, the high-density NTO 7300 will:

  • Help eliminate blind spots that occur as a result of the ever-increasing network complexity.
  • Allow for elegantly scalable network visibility with existing visibility tools ensuring that application data is sent to the right tools at the right time.
  • Provide the capability to automate new service provisioning and orchestration.
  • Enable better security and oversight with increased visibility into anomalies that could result in security breaches or non-compliance situations.

With its Visibility Architecture, Ixia provides customers with a one-stop shop for all their visibility needs. This architecture helps companies achieve end-to-end visibility and security in their physical and virtual networks with carrier-grade scalability and reliability, high performance and superior manageability and control.

Partner commentary

“To maintain flexible and scalable network resources and to provide the latest applications and services to answer user demand, customers want to make the most sound monitoring tool investments,” said Dirk Schrader, Managing Director, Network Performance Channel. “The NTO 7300 allows customers to maximize their investment by adding more monitoring capabilities, building in their scaling needs and gaining increased visibility into previously ‘hidden’ network traffic that comes with new applications.”

“We get involved with some very large network deployments and network upgrade projects, and customers are always concerned about maintaining visibility when implementing these projects,” said Kathi Bomar, Technical Solutions Architect, Enterprise Networking Solutions, World Wide Technology, Inc. “Increasingly, we’re seeing more demand for higher performing, line-rate visibility solutions that can aggregate this volume of network traffic for their visibility tools, specifically their network, application and security monitoring tools.”

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Ixia Editorial Contact:
Andrea Zack, 512-600-7140

Release Summary

Ixia’s newest network packet broker, the NTO 7300, helps service providers and enterprises eliminate blind spots and future proof their networks while taking up less space in the data center.


Ixia Editorial Contact:
Andrea Zack, 512-600-7140