Doug Ducey Will Run for Arizona Governor in 2014

Campaign will focus on a full-strength economy, results-driven governance, educational excellence

PHOENIX--()--Arizona State Treasurer and former Cold Stone Creamery CEO Doug Ducey today announced he is officially seeking the Republican nomination for governor of Arizona. He previously had an exploratory committee that has now transitioned to a primary campaign committee.

“I’m here to announce that I will seek – and with your help, we will win – the office of governor of the State of Arizona,” Ducey said. “I’m running to get Arizona’s economy moving. And, all the way to Election Day, I will give this race the best that is in me, and we will show the best that is in Arizona.”

Ducey’s campaign will focus chiefly on three issues: a full-strength economy that increases job creation; solutions-driven governance that embraces results and isn’t afraid to close the door on ineffective ideas; and educational excellence across the state.

“If anyone asks you what this campaign is about, tell them it’s about growth and job creation,” added Ducey, whose leadership took Cold Stone Creamery from a handful of Arizona-based ice cream stores to a global brand. “I built a business; now I want to shrink a government and grow an economy. Together, we can make it happen.”

Ducey made the announcement with his wife, Angela, and three sons at a rally in downtown Phoenix amongst hundreds of supporters – including former U.S. Rep. John Shadegg and Maricopa County Attorney Bill Montgomery – and dozens of influential leaders in the state’s business community.

Many of them voiced their support:

Former U.S. Sen. Jon Kyl: “Doug Ducey is a man of unquestioned integrity and impeccable conservative credentials. He is the right man for this job, and I'm enthusiastically behind him.”

Former U.S. Rep. John Shadegg: “Doug Ducey is the kind of common-sense leader Arizona needs as our next governor. I know firsthand that the federal government has gotten out of control and that Doug will stand up for Arizonans against Washington overreach, work to reduce the size of government and protect our liberties.”

Maricopa County Attorney Bill Montgomery: “Doug Ducey has the principled, conservative values that will make him an excellent governor for Arizona. He stands with me in the fight against crime and in the effort to make all of the children in our state safe, and I am proud to support him.”

Following today’s event, Ducey’s campaign will go on a three-day tour of the state to meet with voters from the border all the way to Flagstaff.

“All roads lead forward, and from here we’re off to Tucson and on to all 15 counties in the state,” Ducey said in closing. “I’m going to make my case to men and women of every background and in every part of the state – and I’m going to earn their vote.

“So, if you’re ready for Arizona to up its game and to be the place that we are meant to be – warm, welcoming, optimistic and job creating – then this campaign is for you. And with your support, you and I will see a great victory on the fourth of November.”

About Doug Ducey:

Doug was born and raised in Toledo, Ohio and came to Arizona in 1982 to attend ASU, where he worked his way through college at Hensley & Co. After a stint at Procter & Gamble, Doug helped launch Cold Stone Creamery on its path to success. Alarmed by the state of the economy and the massive spending and debt that government was incurring, Doug decided to make a positive difference by seeking public office, and in 2010, was elected as Arizona’s 32nd State Treasurer. In 2012, he led the opposition effort for Prop 204, which lost by a nearly two-to-one margin after Ducey pointed out that it was essentially a blank check with no reform or oversight. A proven coalition builder, he assembled an alliance of business and civic organizations, including noted education reformer Craig Barrett and The Arizona Republic, in his successful effort to block Prop 204. For more information about Doug Ducey or his campaign for governor, please visit You can also follow campaign updates on Facebook at or on Twitter at @dougducey.


Doug Ducey for Governor
Melissa DeLaney, 623-282-4652

Release Summary

Doug Ducey, Arizona State Treasurer and former CEO of Cold Stone Creamery, today announced he is running for Arizona governor.


Doug Ducey for Governor
Melissa DeLaney, 623-282-4652