The CompactFlash Association Announces XQDTM Ver.2.0 Specification

XQD Ver.2.0 Introduces Dual Interface PCIe Gen2 x 2 and USB 3.0 Format

CUPERTINO, Calif.--()--The CompactFlash Association (CFA) announces the XQD Ver.2.0 specification in flash memory card markets. The XQD Ver.2.0 specification was approved for Executive Member voting by the CFA Board of Directors. General availability of the XQD Ver.2.0 specification for members is expected in November 2013. The CompactFlash Association was formed in 1995 as the initial digital film format and continues to serve professional imaging markets where high performance and high quality recording media are important. CFA has consistently created specifications to meet the current and future requirements for professional imaging and video markets. XQD Ver.2.0’s performance capability of up to 1GB/s (1000MB/sec) enable CFA to serve new professional video markets such as high definition TV production and cinema video production environments.

XQD Ver.2.0 leverages the PCIe Gen2 x 2 and USB3.0 interface for higher performance based on a computing industry storage interface.

Professional video features are growing more powerful, with 4K video already gaining adoption in high-end production environments. High Definition TV production environments require digital intermediate compression formats where 2K @ 120 frames per second requires reliable performance. 4K production environments require 4X the data rates of 2K. These next-generation video applications produce videos with incredibly high resolution.

The new XQD Ver.2.0 specification is available to members in February, 2014

Key features of XQD Ver.2.0 include:

Key Feature



Dual Interface
-PCIe Gen2 (5Gbps) x 2 Interface
-USB3.0 Interface

Provides an interface speed of 1GB/s (1000MB/s). This speed enhancement enables a new generation of higher performance cards to meet requirements for professional 4k video recording requirements.
Erase Block Stream Function A function to ensure that garbage collection does not occur within the media.

Professional Form Factor
38.5mm x 29.6mm x 3.8mm

Provides a small enough package to fit into maintain/reduce camera size while providing room for memory to support large capacity cards required for professional video recording formats.

Mr. Tsutomu Ando of Canon and the CFA co-chairman of the board said; “As the co-chairman of the CompactFlash Association I am pleased to introduce XQD Ver.2.0 continuing our tradition of performance leadership. The higher performance provided by XQD Ver.2.0 will further increase the capabilities and value for photographers, videographers, and cinematographers. I am very pleased and proud to see the CFA creating standards that address new professional market segments for CFA.”

“The XQD Ver.2.0 format will enable hardware and imaging applications to leverage the performance benefits of the well-established PCI Express infrastructure allowing for many years of higher performance and backward compatible products. The Video Performance Guarantee Features of XQD Ver.2.0 will also widen its appeal meeting the needs of higher end video applications,” said Mr. Koichiro Kawamura of Nikon, co-chairman of the board, CFA.

CFA has recently added several new members interested in CFA’s next generation and higher performance standards. CFA invites host and media companies interested in supporting the new CFA specifications to also join CFA as members. Membership in the CompactFlash Association enables participation in CFA work groups and access to draft specifications before they are approved and available for purchase by non-members. More information can be found at


CompactFlash Association
Mike Asao, +1-650-843-1220


CompactFlash Association
Mike Asao, +1-650-843-1220