Blocklisting Interim Review - Replacement


The issuer advises that the following replaces the RSA Insurance Group plc announcement released on 2 January 2014:

  • The number of shares allotted under Royal & Sun Alliance Executive Share Option Scheme is 125 more than previously reported.
  • The balance of shares yet to be allotted under the Royal & Sun Alliance Executive Share Option Scheme is 125 fewer than previously reported.

All other details remain unchanged.

The full corrected version is shown below.


Date: 12 February 2014

Name of applicant:       RSA Insurance Group plc
Name of scheme:       Royal & Sun Alliance Executive Share Option Scheme (formerly Royal & Sun Alliance 1989 Executive Share Option Scheme; Royal & Sun Alliance 1999 Executive Share Option Scheme)
Period of return:   From:       1 July 2013       To:       31 December 2013
Balance of unallotted securities under scheme(s) from previous return:       4,788,857 shares of 27.5p each
Plus: The amount by which the block scheme(s) has been increased since the date of the last return (if any increase has been applied for):       NIL
Less: Number of securities issued/allotted under scheme(s) during period (see LR3.5.7G):       601,978 shares of 27.5p each
Equals: Balance under scheme(s) not yet issued/allotted at end of period:       4,186,879 shares of 27.5p each
Name of contact:       Ms Padruigin Scanlan, Share Schemes Administrator
Telephone number of contact:       0207 111 7320

Short Name: RSA Ins Grp
Category Code: BLR
Sequence Number: 407662
Time of Receipt (offset from UTC): 20140212T171606+0000


RSA Insurance Group Plc


RSA Insurance Group Plc