DMT Offers Made in America Kitchen Tools

Diamond Sharpeners from THE Sharpening People

Diamond Machining Technology (DMT) is promoting its collection of four kitchen sharpeners as a superior solution to maintaining an edge on every kind of culinary tool. (Photo: Business Wire)

MARLBOROUGH, Mass.--()--DMT Diamond Machining Technology has long been recognized as the worldwide leader in diamond sharpening among woodworkers and outdoor enthusiasts. Now, DMT wants to change the way chefs and home cooks think about sharpening.

The manufacturer is weighing in with a recommended culinary collection of products. These Made in America kitchen tools are designed to accommodate every kitchen sharpening need and repair damaged glassware and dinnerware. Already, Yankee Magazine has named DMT among “New England’s Finest” kitchen products, and the Cooking Club of America has awarded the manufacturer its official Seal of Approval.

“Sharp knives make cooking a pleasure, but today’s harder steel, higher chromium knives can be a challenge. DMT makes sharpening easier and faster, and protects your investment,” said DMT President Mark Brandon. “Plus, our Crystal Saver helps you set an impressive table. Whether you need to sharpen dull kitchen knives or recondition crystal and china, DMT gives you the edge you need.”

But don’t take our word for it. Boston’s AJ and Anna Rossi—FOX TV’s MasterChef contestants, culinary instructors and caterers (Brave Apron)—treasure DMT.

“Razor sharp knives are one of the most important things in our kitchen. They really cut down on time and effort for prep, and they make for better presentation,” AJ said. “We love the DMT products because they give us the edge we’re after. And, unlike electric sharpeners, DMT products respect our expensive knives—maintaining them without grinding away our investment.”

DMT’s recommended culinary collection includes:

  • 8-inch DuoSharp Plus Diamond Sharpening Stone with Base
  • 12-inch Diamond Steel
  • Diafold Serrated Sharpener
  • Crystal Saver

The DuoSharp Plus offers double-sided diamond sharpening with DMT’s iconic polka-dot patterned surface. This surface—innovated by DMT—self-cleans during sharpening to ensure continuous edge contact.

DMT’s Diamond Steel provides the ultimate in honing and is designed for safety with a sanitary plastic handle and large guard.

The Diafold Serrated Knife Sharpener enables precise sharpening of serrated edges. This conical file enables you to quickly and accurately get in between even the finest serrations.

The Crystal Saver eliminates or minimizes flaws in china, crystal and other dinnerware and glassware, restoring otherwise perfect pieces to near-new, safe-use condition.

See an overview video here.

All DMT products are proudly Made in the USA and feature the most diamond per square inch in the industry combined with a proprietary process that ensures near-perfect consistency in grit size. And all DMT whetstones are engineered to provide unrivaled flatness. Simply put, DMT’s premium products are best in class with undeniable long-lasting value.


Ellis Strategies, Inc.
Matt Ellis, 617-278-6560

Release Summary

DMT Diamond Machining Technology wants to change the way chefs and home cooks think about sharpening. The manufacturer is weighing in with its Made in America culinary collection of products.


Ellis Strategies, Inc.
Matt Ellis, 617-278-6560