Cyber Squared Inc. Launches ThreatConnect Partner Program to Automate Cyber Defenses from Powerful Threat Analysis Data

Carbon Black, General Dynamics Fidelis, Sourcefire/Cisco, and Tenable Network Security are initial integrations

Example of how ThreatConnect™ works with partners. (Photo: Business Wire)

ARLINGTON, Va.--()--Cyber Squared Inc. announced today that ThreatConnect™, the leading threat intelligence platform, has launched a partner program to support key integrations with IPS/IDS, vulnerability management, breach detection and incident response systems.

These partnerships help threat analysts and organizations further understand the threats coming after them, and extend the capabilities of their existing products’ analytics. ThreatConnect users take advantage of the multi-sourced data within ThreatConnect to push threat indicators and context to the partner integrated products. With the ThreatConnect partner program, organizations take the next step to not only analyze complex data, but defend and act on that knowledge against threats.

“Through these strategic partnerships, we are empowering our users to immediately act on the valuable data out of ThreatConnect,” said CEO Adam Vincent. “We are making existing cyber defense products smarter, supporting the ability to integrate intelligence into defense or visibility, then feed that new-found intelligence back into ThreatConnect.”

The initial integrations represent a broad range of defensive capabilities including IPS/IDS, continuous monitoring and vulnerability management, breach detection and incident response from partners including Sourcefire, Tenable Network Security, General Dynamics Fidelis Cybersecurity Solutions and Carbon Black. The partner program relies on the ThreatConnect™ API and custom export features to power the integrations.


ThreatConnect supports the ability to deliver a package of threat intelligence around an incident or series of incidents, using information in Snort rules files. More context is provided with this integration, allowing users to get a better picture of incoming threats.

Continuous Monitoring and Vulnerability Management

We enable Tenable users to put the power of ThreatConnect’s intelligence into Tenable’s continuous monitoring solutions. By enabling easy import of threat indicators into Nessus® and Security Center with references back to ThreatConnect for context, Tenable users can quickly determine the deeper meaning of threats detected on their networks.

Breach Detection

Indicator management is simplified with ThreatConnect and General Dynamics Fidelis Cybersecurity Solutions’ Fidelis XPS™ advanced threat defense solution. Users who are fielding multiple IP addresses and new threat indicators within ThreatConnect can now feed that intelligence into Fidelis XPS and proactively detect and shoot down those indicators. The analysis and context coming from ThreatConnect is used to engage and defend against the threat before it strikes.

Incident Response

Carbon Black customers have the ability to crowdsource indicators directly from Carbon Black, work with the Carbon Black community to get feedback, and dig deeper with real-time data from ThreatConnect.

“Carbon Black is really pushing the envelope of integration with ThreatConnect,” continued Vincent. “They are interacting with our data in a whole new way. The Carbon Black and ThreatConnect community is integrated using our ThreatConnect™ API and allows Carbon Black customers to work together within the Carbon Black product, gain more comprehensive knowledge through ThreatConnect, and ultimately leverage their shared intelligence to take action in defending against threats.”

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Cyber Squared Inc. announced today that ThreatConnect™, the leading threat intelligence platform, has launched a partner program.


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