Delticom: Well shod for the 4L Trophy 2014 desert rally

Ready to Rally: Delticom online shops support teams from France, Italy and Germany with tyres and auto parts

The German rally team „DFHI/HTW Saar“ with the brothers Pierre and Pascal Hoffmann. They are ready to "start their engines" for the 17th 4L Trophy - with tyres from, the German online shop of Europe's leading online tyre dealer, Delticom. (Photo: Business Wire)

HANOVER, Germany--()--Off we go, back into the desert. The legendary 4L Trophy Raid sets off for the 17th time from Paris to Marrakesh. The starting signal for this year's multicoloured convoy will be given on 13 February 2014. Among the participants, there are three teams that are being supported by the Delticom online shops, Europe's leading online tyre retailer, with suitable tyres and high quality car spares.

Ten exciting days and a roundabout 6,000-km route lie in front and wait for the mythical "cult cars" and their drivers. Cars and drivers have to contend with gravel roads, dirt tracks and barren land. The rally participants' mission is to leave an educational track behind; they all contribute to giving Moroccan children the foundation for an education. Each of the 1,500 rally teams must have at least 50 kg of school and sports materials on board to get permission to start.

Well-shod and best equipped off into the desert - powered by Delticom
The teams are on their way on Falken (Ohtsu) tyres. These tyres impress users in particular by having a high degree of driving comfort, high mileage performance and stability on bends.*

Philip Grolman, Board Member of Delticom says: "In rallies, besides the drivers' skills, what is especially important are the tyres. Our tyre experts have assisted the students when it comes to choosing the tyres." Fellow Board Member Sascha Jürgensen continues: "In extreme situations such as a desert rally, man and materials need to work together to an optimal degree. Our team at Autoteilemeile has made sure that the participants' vehicles are equipped with high quality auto spares. Now it's their turn, we are all keeping our fingers crossed for them."

The Teams
The French team "4 L'Ements", supported by and
The two sports enthusiasts Thauvin Simon and Pierre Monsieur from Orleans are at the wheel of the French team's colourful R 4 with the number 1330. Simon is in the Air Force and Pierre is studying at the CISE Engineering Technical School.

The Italian team "Ready 4 Africa ONLUS", supported by and
Andrea Galliani and Thomas Galli from Novara, Italy, together founded the "Ready 4Africa" team and are the only Italian team taking part in the 4L Trophy. Andrea and Thomas have both completed their studies at the University of Piedmont.

The German team "DFHI/HTW Saar", supported by and
This German team will be at the start line with drivers Pierre and Pascal Hoffmann. The twin brothers are studying a Master of Management Sciences course at the French University Institute in Saarbrucken. The twins' vehicle has starting number 1372.

The largest German Team „R4 Westfalen“, supported by, will start with Debica Frigo Directional tyres.

Team Blue with the starting number 1984
Matthias Stöver and Dimitri Springer
Renault R4 F6 (BJ: 1978, 34PS)

Team Orange with the starting number 1983
Tobias Arens and Andreas Nofen
Renault R4 GTL (BJ: 1986, 34PS)

Team Green with the starting number 1985
Johann Astafev and Jonas Gittel
Renault R4 F6 (BJ: 1978, 34PS)

Team Red with the starting number 1986
Julius Goldbach and Malin Reinartz
Renault R4 GTL (BJ: 1985, 34PS)

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Ready to Rally - the 4L Trophy desert raid will start soon. Delticom, Europe's leading Internet tyre dealer and his online shops support teams from France, Italy and Germany with tyres and auto parts.


Susanne Kindor-d’Unienville
Delticom AG
T: +49 511 93634852