The First Ever Live-Action Version of Titan from "Attack on Titan", Currently the Most Popular Comic / Anime in Japan Appeared in a TV Commercial!

"Attack on Titan" collaborates with "SUBARU Forester" in a TV commercial only once and the video is up on the web!

Youtube movie exceeded 5 million times in three days

Attack on Titan 1 (Photo: Business Wire)

TOKYO--()--"Attack on Titan" is one of the most successful Japanese comic books selling over 30 million copies in total, which has become a social phenomena, now will be put in a production for a live-action movie.

The first ever collaboration commercial by "SUBARU Forester" and "Attack on Titan" was aired on TV, on 24th January, where a live action version of "Titan" appeared for the first time.

Masatsugu Higuchi, a director of the upcoming live action movie, also directed the commercial and breathed a life into the live-action Titan.

Currently, the commercial is now up on the SUBARU official website on youtube, so check this out:

Youtube movie exceeded 5 million times in three days.

Masatsugu Higuchi’s profile

He was born in 1965, and started his career as an assistant kaijyu sculptor for The Return of Godzilla (1984). In 1995, he was awarded for Japan Academy Special-Effect Prize. Later, he directed many movies such as "Lorelei : The Witch of the Pacific Ocean (2005)", "The Sinking of Japan (2006)", "The Floating Castle (2012)", always producing spectacular movies as a pioneer in Special Effects (Tokusatsu) filmmaking.

The commercial uses the video materials from "FORESTERLIVE", a project where Forester drives over 100000 kilometers on five continents on earth, delivering the high performance of the car. From approximately over 2000 hours of video materials, shots taken under severe environments such as Col de Turini in France, Flinders Ranges in Australia, are selected for this commercial, proving the high performance of the car.


FORESTERLIVE is a project which proved the functionality and efficiency of SUV Forester, by driving over 100000 kilometers under severe conditions on five continents. In October, 2013, the challenge was completed when the car arrived at Japan after driving for a year. The project captured dynamic nature such as desert, forest, and snow ground from all over the world. There are 12 versions of video, proving the high performance of SUV Forester, now viewable on the web. The total views of all videos exceed 2.6 million views. Please see the detail :
The link to the video of the collaboration commercial on Youtube:


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