Vitals Says Game Outcome Comes Down to Health Management of Team

The Doctor Bowl: Vitals Predicts Game Winner By Looking at Team Doctors

Football Injury Infographic (Graphic: Business Wire)

LYNDHURST, N.J.--()--With the Big Game this weekend, Vitals has caught football fever along with the rest of the nation. Yet, rather than fumbling through rushing yards, conversions and passing stats, we decided to analyze the two opposing teams on what matters most to us: the team doctors.

The role of the team doctor can’t be underestimated when assessing a team’s chances to win. Consider this: football players sustain more injuries than players from any other sport. And both teams are heading into the Big Game with players on the injury list, making it hard to overestimate the value of an effective team physician.

The Vitals “Doctor Bowl” analyzed the team physicians on averages since the Seahawks have five team physicians, while the Broncos have four.

So what did we look at? The first consideration was experience. Doctors for the Seahawks have an average of 17.4 years of medical experience – more than 87 years combined. The Broncos’ medical team has 13.25 years of experience on average – 53 years together.

Beyond the famous athletes they look after, both teams’ doctors are well regarded by their patients. The average patient rating given to the doctors on both sides of the ball is 3.5 out of 4. Yet, the patients in Seattle tend to rate the Seahawks’ doctors more often. The Seattle team doctors have an average of 5 ratings per doctor, compared to only 3.75 ratings for the Broncos’ doctors.

But it’s the Denver team that can boast higher academic credentials. The average medical school rating was 3.5, compared to 3.0 for schools attended by Seahawks’ doctors.

The winningest team when it comes to awards is the Seahawks. Their doctors have earned 18 peer and patient recognized awards, or an average of 3.6 per physician. The Broncos have only 8 recognitions, or 2 per doctor.

So while the Seahawks may have won the first ever Vitals “Doctor Bowl,” we’ll all be tuning in to see if this is an accurate predictor of the outcome on the field this Sunday. See our table for more about each team’s doctors.

Physician         Years of     No of     Patient     No of     School
Name     Specialty     Experience     Ratings     Rating     Awards     Rating

Elias Khalfayan

    Sports medicine, Orthopedic surgeon, Surgical specialist     25     10     3     1     2
Stanley Herring     Physiatrist (Physical rehabilitation)     30     3     4     9     1
Michael Mcadam     Orthopedic surgeon, Sports medicine     11     5     4     3     4
Jonathan Drezner     Family medicine, Sports medicine     14     2     3     2     4
Ashwin Rao     Family medicine, Sports medicine     7     5     3.5     3     4
TOTAL           87     25     17.5     18     15
AVG           17.4     5     3.5     3.6     3
Martin Boublick     Family medicine, sports medicine, Surgical specialist     24     1     4     1     4
John S. Geraghty     Family medicine     18     12     3.5     7     4
James Genuario     Surgical specialist, Neurologist     7     2     3     0     3
Joshua Metzl     Orthopedic surgeon     4     0           0     3
TOTAL           53     15     10.5     8     14
AVG           13.25     3.75     3.5     2     3.5

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Vitals reveals which team doctors rank best in this years Big Game with accompanying infographic for top football injuries.


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