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Change in participations of major shareholders

Luxembourg/Portugal – 23 January 2014 - Espírito Santo Financial Group S.A. (“ESFG” or the “Company”) NYSE Euronext Lisbon: ESF; Bloomberg: ESF PL; Reuter: ESF LS) today announces a change in its principal shareholders:

Principal Shareholder   Number of shares   Voting Rights %
Espírito Santo Irmãos SGPS S.A. 101,995,636 49.26

(i) On 22 January 2014 Espírito Santo Irmãos SGPS S.A. (“ES Irmãos”) bought 81,231,725 ESFG shares, equivalent to 39.23% of ESFG’s issued capital and voting rights, from Espírito Santo International S.A. (“ESI”).

(ii) As at that date ES Irmãos already held 20,763,911 shares, corresponding to 10.03% of ESFG’s issued capital and voting rights. After the purchase of the additional shares ES Irmãos holds 101,995,636 shares equivalent to 49.26% of ESFG’s issued capital and voting rights.

(iii) ES Irmãos has been and continues to be 100% held, indirectly, by ESI. ES Irmãos’ voting rights are 100% held by Rio Forte Investments S.A. which in turn is held 100% by ESI.

(iv) Consequently as at 22 January 2014, 49.26% of ESFG’s voting rights continue to be held indirectly by ESI.

Espírito Santo Financial Group S.A.’s issued capital is EUR 207,075,338 represented by 207,075,338 shares. Each share corresponds to one vote.


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The Espírito Santo Financial Group provides, through its subsidiaries, a global and diversified range of financial services to its clients including Commercial banking, Insurance, Investment banking, Stockbrokerage and Asset management in Portugal and internationally. For additional information on Espírito Santo Financial Group, its subsidiaries, operations and results, please visit the Company’s website on www.esfg.com

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Espirito Santo Fin


Espirito Santo Fin