Cosmetic Surgeon Dr. Victor Loria Pioneers Safe Cosmetic Filler Insertion for Penis Enlargement

Male Enhancement: Dr. Victor Loria, a Miami Florida based Cosmetic Surgeon, performs minimally invasive Penis Enlargement Medical Procedure using Permanent Cosmetic Fillers. No Surgery, No General Anesthesia, No High Risks associated with traditional surgical procedures. A very comfortable and affordable procedure. Patient and Partner Satisfaction very high. Call 1-877-DR-LORIA or 1-877-375-6742 or visit us at Email:

MIAMI--()--Dr. Victor Loria D.O., a Miami cosmetic surgeon, has pioneered a minimally invasive medical procedure that successfully increases the flaccid & erect penis girth, lengthens flaccid penis, enlarges the glans, and enlarges the scrotum as well. The Penis Enlargement treatment is a medical procedure involving the insertion of permanent fillers, resulting in an increase in penis girth of up to 3 inches, flaccid length of up to 6 inches, and significant scrotal enlargement – actual penis enlargement has been physician and patient documented.

"It's an individual preference, and understandably, a very private and very important matter," said Dr. Loria, a pioneer in the field of penis enlargement surgery.

Dr. Loria has performed thousands of cosmetic procedures over the past 20 years. He has been successfully treating men with FDA approved medications for about three years. These products are similar to those used in facial-filler treatments.

"Many men want to know how to make their penises bigger or longer, but one must proceed with caution when reviewing the options available," Dr. Loria said. "There are invasive surgeries, as well as liposuction fat transfer and dermal grafting, all of which carry significant risks of complications.

"I don't do any of that. The fillers I use in my 'Platinum Procedure' produce collagen and adapt to a man's anatomy." Bob Druy, one of Dr. Loria's patients, is a believer: "The difference here is Dr. Loria's procedure actually works. And I'm living proof."

"There are many medical and psychological reasons why men ask how to increase penis length or size," said Dr. Loria.

It's not the first time that a medical treatment for one condition ― facial treatments ― turns out to be effective for another. Botox, for instance, has for years helped eliminate facial wrinkles and reduce excessive underarm sweat. "It's certainly gratifying to help people overcome medical challenges. I consider penis and scrotal enhancement an art as well as a science," added Dr. Loria.

About Dr. Loria: Dr. Victor Loria, D.O., is the medical director of the Miami-based Male Enhancement & Penis Enlargement Medicine & Surgery Center (call 1-877–DR- LORIA or 877-375-6742).

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Male Enhancement Dr. Loria a Miami Florida Surgeon performs minimally invasive Penis Enlargement with Permanent Cosmetic Fillers No Surgery Call 877- DR - LORIA or 877- 375 -6742


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