World’s Most Accurate and Energy Efficient Multisport Wristband Reference Design Launches at CES 2014

Movea, Xm-Squared and Texas Instruments collaborate to deliver always-on, highest-accuracy, lowest-power turnkey solution for the quantified self

2014 International CES

LAS VEGAS--()--CONSUMER ELECTRONICS SHOW (CES) – Movea (, a leader in data fusion and motion-sensing technology; Xm-Squared, the wristband design expert; and Texas Instruments (TI), the leader in Bluetooth® low energy chips, are demonstrating their new G-series high-performance multisport wearable solution at the Movea stand during CES. The G-series takes user experience to the next level with this energy-optimized solution for highly accurate activity tracking and advanced sports and sleep monitoring including:

  • Posture detection: standing, sitting, walking, running
  • Activity monitoring: step count, energy expenditure, distance
  • Sports performance: running speed and cadency, biking cadency
  • Sleep monitoring: sleep time, sleep cycle analysis

Based on benchmark tests, Movea’s sensor hub solution for wearable devices boasts never-before seen accuracy and low-power scores. In fact, Movea outclassed other solutions from more popular devices, specifically when measuring:

  • Activity Classification: Movea achieved a > 95 percent success rate on activity detection, including in-transportation mode. A key feature in context-aware applications, in-transportation detection in a multisport bracelet is an industry first that enables devices to anticipate users’ next move based on what mode of transportation they’re using.
  • Step Count: Movea averaged the lowest error score compared to other commercial solutions
  • Sleep Analysis: Movea’s solution closely mirrors results from a PolySomnography, the gold standard employed in hospitals. In addition, Movea enables automatic sleep mode detection, the first time this feature is available in a multisport bracelet.

The now-available reference design kit, including a complete API, integrates Movea’s motion sensing expertise with its Motionsport embedded library and TI’s Bluetooth low energy wireless connectivity solution into Xm-Squared’s wristband design. This best-in-class combination delivers OEMs an always-on, highly accurate, power-optimized and fully integrated solution to quickly launch the next generation of devices for the exploding wearable market.

“Movea is an established leader in the development of motion technology, proving its expertise through several commercialized solutions for the sport and wellness markets,” said Ross Alcazar, CEO at Xm- Squared. “We are excited to collaborate with Movea to design a platform that will satisfy the industry’s appetite for smarter, cross-functional wearable devices.”

“TI’s early investment and market leadership in Bluetooth low energy solutions has helped establish a leading position in the fast-growing wearable market,” said Sid Shaw, worldwide business and marketing manager, Wireless Connectivity Solutions at TI. “With the new G-series solution including Movea’s ground-breaking motion processing technology and Xm-Squared’s compelling form factor, we can demonstrate the full capabilities of our Bluetooth low energy technology for the health and fitness markets.”

“Leveraging TI’s proven track record in Bluetooth low energy solutions for consumer electronics and Xm- Squared’s expertise in developing ultra-thin mechanical enclosure technology for the wearables market, Movea is extending its value proposition from providing IP software to delivering a complete solution,” added Wahid Issa, Movea’s VP of marketing. “This partnership represents Movea’s commitment to its partners to deliver compelling products to the market faster. We’re truly excited to partner with TI and Xm-Squared to provide the leading solution that helps consumers in their quest to be more self-aware.”

Beyond activity monitoring and sports analysis, Movea’s roadmap aims to deliver a complete monitoring user experience, adding e-Health services to future reference platforms.

The G-series wristband is now available. It also will be demonstrated at CES, so stop by Movea’s booth (#25336) to check it out!


Movea is the leading provider of data fusion and motion processing firmware, software, and IP for the consumer electronics industry. Thriving on its portfolio of more than 500 patents, Movea turns sensor data into meaningful personal information, decoding and analyzing sensor signals using ultra-low power, high performance algorithms and data hub technology. Our expertise enables customers and partners to unlock the 1 trillion sensors opportunity into 1 million smart applications for mobile, sports and interactive TV while reducing the risk, cost, and time-to-market for delivering compelling new features that differentiate their products and deliver more end-user value.

Movea has a global presence with headquarters in Grenoble, France, subsidiaries in the U.S. in Silicon Valley, Calif., and Seoul, South Korea, as well as technology and manufacturing partners and distributors around the world. For more information visit or follow us on Twitter at @MoveaDataFusion.


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Racepoint Group for Movea
Jon Diaz, +1 415-694-6708


Racepoint Group for Movea
Jon Diaz, +1 415-694-6708