Cozy up to a Lakemaid! Lakemaid Beer Launches Frosty Winter Lager for Ice Fishing Season

Just in time for ice fishing season: Lakemaid Beer's Frosty Winter Lager. (Photo: Lakemaid Beer)

MINNEAPOLIS--()--Lakemaid Beer™, a favorite among fishermen and cabin owners for the past six years is now launching a new lager – Lakemaid Frosty Winter Lager™ - brewed especially for ice fishermen and anyone who embraces the cold and snow of Lake Country.

The new lager will be available throughout the Upper Midwest starting in November. It will only be available for ice fishing season at loyal beer distributors. New Lakemaid Frosty Winter Lager will be available in 6-pack and 12-pack bottles. Each bottle will feature one of 12 Lakemaids properly attired for the cold, winter months. And each bottle cap will feature Lakemaid Beer’s new unique winter bottle cap icons for hours of fun in the ice-fishing shack.

Launched in May 2008, Lakemaid Beer is a cult favorite among die-hard anglers and people who enjoy relaxing at the cabin or cottage near their favorite body of water. Since it’s launch, more than 300,000 cases of Lakemaid Beer have been enjoyed by a legion of loyal fans throughout Lake Country.

Previously available only in Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, Nebraska and parts of North and South Dakota, the owners of Lakemaid Beer moved its brewing capabilities to Stevens Point Brewery, located in Stevens Point, Wis., earlier this year. This shift in breweries will enhance the availability of Lakemaid Beer for its hard-core fans, and allow Lakemaid Beer to increase its distribution to new markets such as Michigan and Illinois. Now, more fishermen than ever will have an opportunity to taste this great beer brewed especially for them!

With a deep amber color, Lakemaid Frosty Winter Lager offers a smooth, American craft malted flavor that’s perfect after a day on the ice or in the snow. Just one taste and it’s sure to fly your tip-up flag. In contrast to its summer cousin, Frosty Winter Lager has an icicle-sparkle of hops taste that goes perfect with deep fried walleye or perch.

“In Lake Country, we savor both the summer and the winter,” said Jack Supple, president of the Lakemaid Beer Company. “We created Lakemaid Beer for people who enjoy spending their time on or near the water all year round. Great fishermen deserve great beer. And now ice fishermen can cozy up to a Lakemaid, too!”

Lakemaid Beer is inspired by freshwater’s cousin to mermaids – lakemaids. Legend has it, each summer, around the time of the summer solstice, freshwater lakemaids appear in lakes, rives and streams throughout Lake Country. Now, Lakemaid Beer Frosty Winter Lager recognizes the other peak of Lakemaid activity -- the winter solstice.

To honor these beautiful creatures, each bottle of Lakemaid Beer features one of twelve Lakemaids: Miss Walleye, Miss Muskie, Miss Northern Pike, Miss Largemouth Bass, Miss Sturgeon, Miss Perch, Miss Rainbow Trout, Miss Crappie, Miss Smallmouth Bass, Miss Sunfish, Miss Catfish, and Miss Salmon.

On the inside of each Lakemaid Beer Frosty Winter Lager bottle cap is a “catch” – a description of a fish or an object that an angler can catch while ice fishing, such as “Thin Ice,” “Bucket Butt,” “Eelpout,” or “12-lb. walleye.” The bottle caps offer hours of fun long after the sun goes down on the day. There are 56 different bottlecaps for traditional Lakemaid Fisherman’s Lager, and an additional 56 ice fishing specific Lakemaid Beer bottle caps for new Frosty Winter Lager.

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Release Summary

Lakemaid Beer Company introduces new Frosty Winter Lager just in time for ice fishing season.


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